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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IDTI - Wireless Charging for Devices with Intel - Medium Term Hold in at $6 and target $8

Intel, IDT team to develop wireless charging options New Mexico Business Weekly by Hunter Riley, NMBW Intern Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 1:17pm MDT Integrated Device Technology Inc. announced a new partnership with Intel to provide a transmitter and receiver chipset for Intel’s new wireless charging technology, according to a news release from IDT. Integrated Device Technology Inc. announced a new partnership with Intel Corp. to provide a transmitter and receiver chipset for Intel’s new wireless charging technology, according to a news release from IDT. The new wireless charging technology is set for use in Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, smartphones and standalone chargers. “Our extensive experience in developing the innovative and highly integrated IDTP9030 transmitter and multi-mode IDTP9020 receiver has given IDT a proven leadership position in the wireless power market,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT (Nasdaq: IDTI). Wireless charging technology already exists with the use of platforms or docks, which use inductive coupling, utilizing coils to amplify the magnetic field that naturally moves a current through a wire. The difference with Intel and IDT’s resonance technology will be that you don’t need to have a platform or base with you to charge your device. Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) technical PR manager Dan Snyder gave an example in his blog of how someone might use the new wireless charging technology (WCT). “Imagine, for example, this wireless charging solution in an Ultrabook of the future,” he wrote. “How would it work? You are low on juice on your phone — you simply start the WCT detection software and place the smartphone close to your Ultrabook (about an inch or so). Coupling takes place between the two devices and energy begins to seamlessly and wirelessly flow from the Ultrabook to the smartphone. Within an hour, you have recharged your smartphone sufficiently to make it through the afternoon. No more wires or chargers.” IDT said it hopes to have samples of the new receiver technology by the end of the year, and a sample of the transmitter technology is expected to debut in the first half of 2013. Intel’s chip manufacturing facility in Rio Rancho employs 3,000. Click here to see the news release from IDT. | 505 348 8317 Article Link

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PLUS - Monster EPS / Cloud Play

7m o/s 3.5m float thinly traded and underfollowed but is PLUS the next cloud/tech monster ? Look at EPS yesterday Read Earnings Release In at high $34's small position as it is thinly traded

Monday, July 30, 2012

In NLST - Second Half 2012 Play on new hot tech area - Big Data - Interconnect and Cloud Computing Demand

MLNX, CRAY and EQIX are all at highs on the new boom in tech - Interconnect and cloud computing - Big Data. Traders will be searching for a small cap play in this sector. I believe the answer is NLST.

Great article on the new growth area in tech

Forthcoming DD but this article and last press release says it all :

Read Article

Read Earnings Press Release

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Stock Pick in TROV $3.85 next diagnostic mover like ROSG imo

New Stock Pick in $TROV $3.85 next diagnostic mover like $ROSG imo DD from James Altucher Read Article

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HDSN - Uniquely Positioned For Rapid Growth

I recommend you familiarize yourself with DD on HDSN. This Company is uniquely positioned for rapid growth due to being the:

Leader in the U.S. reclamation market for the collection, recycling and resale of refrigerants
• Multiple refrigerants are expected to be phased out by the EPA; R‐22 production reduced by 45% in 2012
• R‐22 phase out expected to cause a supply gap to be filled by reclaimed gas; R‐22 price has increased significantly since Jan. 2012, creating economic incentive for contractors to return “dirty gas” for recycling 
       •Refrigeration equipment is expensive to replace;  R‐22 servicing expected to continue for 20+ years
Energy Optimization Services:
• High energy costs and focus on emissions control are creating demand for Hudson’s energy optimization

Fact Page

Investor Presentation

HDSN Article

I will be writing more on HDSN soon. I think this is a unique opportunity for rapid growth and share price appreciation. I am long HDSN in the low $4's.

Monday, July 2, 2012

GENC - Major Highway Bill Beneficiary / Undervalued

GENC is a Nasdaq Company with a float of 4.7mm and outstanding shares of 9.5mm. The Company has GENC has Cash and Short Term Investments of $9.53 per share and a book value of $10.79 per share See Stats. GENC closed at $7.55 on Friday.

This person wrote a great article on GENC history and why they have so much cash. Gencor ($GENC) – A Free Business With A Huge Portfolio Read Article

Also the CEO said, "Our strong balance sheet is reflective of sound financial management practices. We believe this will continue to serve us well in the future while we continue to evaluate opportunities for expansion through organic growth and strategic acquisitions."

I believe the reason why the stock has traded so cheap was due to the lack of a new long term highway bill by the government. From the last press release, "However, we continue to remain cautious about the growth of the U.S. economy and in particular the effect upon our industry that the absence of a long term Highway Bill, and adequacy of funding of the Highway Trust Fund may have. Current funding under the ninth SAFETEA-LU extension expires on June 30, 2012. It is uncertain whether a new multiyear bill will be enacted or another short term extension granted." Read Press Release

The great news for GENC is that the new Highway Bill was finally approved last week and now just needs the signature of the President. Read Article

This is huge news for GENC as they stated in their last 10-Q "the Company believes a new multiyear highway program would have the greatest positive impact on the road construction industry and allow its customers to plan and execute longer term projects." 10-Q
In 2008 the Company was firing on all cylinders and the stock hit over $30 per shares as they did $1.59 EPS that year. They did $0.29 EPS last Q with about $0.10 coming from Operations and the rest from investment income. I believe with the passage of the highway bill, GENC could trade in the $10-$15 range in the short term.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

SKUL - Ready for A Volkswagen Type Short Squeeze ???

Volkswagen was one of the fiercest short squeezes in stock market history as comfortable shorts were caught in an intense squeeze that drove the value of Volkswagen shares to briefly be the largest by market cap in the world Read about it here.

I see another stock that has the potential for a fierce short squeeze. Skullcandy, Inc. (SKUL) is a Nasdaq stock with a float of 15.1mm shares. A whopping 73% of the float is short. It is the most heavily shorted stock out there. History is littered with smart money losing on short calls. TASR, PCLN, Volkswagen, etc...."Fad" stocks like CROX, SODA etc all had major short squeezes. SKUL is growing, profitable and has confirmed analyst estimates for this year. They are wildly popular and if managment is smart they will kepp innovating new deals and partnerships (Like the recent Dell partnership) . Insiders are buying - To me a major sign they know the shorts are wrong.

There are some great articles out there on why SKUL is ready for a major squeeze:

Heavily Shorted Stocks To Consider Before Earnings Read Article

Skullcandy: A Short Seller's Nightmare Read Article

Skullcandy: Perpetual Squeeze Coming Read Article

Skullcandy: The Facts Behind The Fad, And The Inevitable SqueezeRead Article

Shorts often win. However, history is littered with shorts that lost big on fast, fierce, squeezes. I believe SKUL has the potential to break free from the grip of the shorts as it heads into its next earnings report in August. If and when it does happen, it will be fast and fierce. I am long SKUL in the mid $13's. Volkswagen Me !!!

KEQU - Recipe For A Low Float Rocket

Recently I have witnessed several low float stocks that I have entered rapidly appreciate in price. LIVE, which I picked in the low $3's on January 23, Read Blog Post explode this week to hit $15.57. It went from the $5's to $15's in 7-8 trading days. Several weeks ago, another low floater, ROSG, which I originally tweeted Follow Me On Twitter about my entry in the $2-$4 range, hit $23 in 7 trading days.

I have found the next low float stock that I think can rapidly appreciate and it has strong substance to make such a move, stronger substance than LIVE did at the time. Kewaunee Scientific Corp. (KEQU) is a Nasdaq stock with a float of 1.8mm shares, 2.6mm shares outstanding and a book value of $12.27 after this recent quarter See stats. KEQU closed at $11.43 on Friday. It is trading $0.84 below book value yet it has a major catalyst besides that.

KEQU has experienced a major turn around in profitability due to the Company reaping the rewards from "cost savings initiatives commenced earlier in the year". They reported monster EPS of $0.49 per share this quarter vs $0.10 per share in the same quarter last year.

KEQU has record backlog and the CEO is optimistic about this coming year. "The order backlog increased to a record $86.2 million at April 30, 2012, up from $65.7 million at April 30, 2011, with both domestic and international orders contributing to the growth."

"Looking forward to fiscal year 2013, I remain cautiously optimistic," Mr. Shumaker continued. "My optimism is based on a number of factors. On the domestic front, we enter the year with a strengthened and expanded dealer network, which we believe will result in increased sales and earnings. We are also realizing lower operating costs from our cost savings initiatives put in place over the past year. On the international front, we have also strengthened and expanded our dealer network, better positioning us to take advantage of the growing number of laboratory project opportunities in Asia and the Middle East. Furthermore, both domestic and international operations will benefit from our record order backlog Read Press Release.

KEQU has strong sales prospects with a record backlog and the strongest point here is that they have successfully changed their cost structure impacting profitability. When I look at their sales I do not see seasonality in the quarters Quarterly Numbers. Therefore I feel comfortable in annualizing this quarters EPS as the CEO said he is optimistic for the coming year because they are realizing the benefits from cost cutting measures.

That would put KEQU on an EPS run rate of $1.96 if you assume they will not have any sales growth. That assumption seems unlikely to me since the backlog is at a record high and the CEO said they will have increased sales and earnings. The industry they are in has an average P/E of 16.8 See Industry P/E .

If you annualize the EPS this quarter due to the reasons above (even though that is conservatively assuming no sales growth contrary to the CEO's statements) and take it at the industry average P/E, that would result in a KEQU share price of $32.93. KEQU closed at $11.43 on Friday, $0.84 below it's book value.

Recipe For A Low Float Rocket

1) Low Float - 1.8mm

2) Great Current Earnings - $0.49 EPS this Quarter, Trades Below Book Value

3) Great Future Prospects - Record Backlog, Optimistic CEO Comments, Improved Cost Structure

4) Undervalued/Under followed Stock - Annualize Current Quarter EPS at the industry average P/E would give KEQU a value in the $30's.

I am long KEQU with an average near $11.

Low float stocks can be volatile and are not for large positions in my opinion.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Small position - Medium to Long Term Trade - MUEL.PK in $22

In small position of thinly traded pink sheet stock MUEL.PK . This stock reminds me of an old stock of mine DIT (because of earnings and share structure). Total Outstanding shares is only 1.2mm per yahoo. They did $2.96 in EPS this last quarter. I would never take a large position on a low float thinly traded stock but a small position was warranted to me by the latest result and the sector seems right.

Paul Mueller Company, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells stainless steel tanks and industrial processing equipment worldwide. The company operates in four segments: Dairy Farm Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Field Fabrication, and Transportation. The Dairy Farm Equipment segment provides milk cooling and storage equipment and accessories, refrigeration units, and heat recovery equipment for use on dairy farms. This segment sells its products directly to farmers and independent dealers for resale, as well as provides service for farmers and milk coolers for rent to farmers. The Industrial Equipment segment sells food, beverage, chemical, and industrial processing equipment; biopharmaceutical equipment; pure water equipment; and thermal energy storage equipment to industrial customers. The Field Fabrication segment offers large field-fabricated tanks and vessels, such as large stainless steel storage tanks for sanitary and industrial process applications. The Transportation segment delivers products to customers, and backhauls of materials and components. This segment also offers contract carriage services for third parties. The company’s products are used in dairy farms and various industrial applications, including food, dairy, and beverage processing; pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and chemical processing; water distillation; heat transfer; HVAC; heat recovery; process cooling; and thermal energy storage. Paul Mueller Company was founded in 1940 and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.

Paul Mueller Releases Unaudited Earnings for the Year 2011 Read Earnings Release

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Follow me on twitter @super_trades !!! Last 4 tweets winners !!!

Last 4 stocks LIVE $3 to $7, ESTE $17 to $23, FORD $2 to $3, GBR $2.5 to $3.70 #SUPER


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LIVE Update

I started accumulating LIVE in the low $3's Read Original Blog Post not for their existing business performance but because they have a new CEO that runs a successful fund. That fund took a 17% stake in LIVE and stated :

Item 4. Purpose of Transaction
ICG acquired the Shares to change the composition of the Issuer’s board in the belief that the Issuer and its shareholders would benefit from the diversification of the Issuer’s business. ICG intends to diversify the Issuer’s business, and may seek suitable acquisition candidates through acquisition, merger, reverse merger or other suitable business combination method and/or to restructure the Issuer into a holding company by merger into a subsidiary.

Here is something I gleaned from the latest filing :

Recent Developments

We have embarked on a significant change in business strategy to re-emphasize our legacy business (directory services offering) and update it to meet current market requirements and move ahead of our competitors in this market segment.

that from LIVE 10q Link

legacy biz was internet yellow pages and online classifieds (is that what they mean by directory services offering?)

I am excited what the new CEO has in store for this 600k float Company. It has been trading strongly for the past few weeks since the new CEO announcement.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great ADES article with $50 Target

ADA Environmental Solutions Benefiting From EPA's New Coal-Fired Power Plant Regulations

"Based on our estimates, the share price can easily trade from the current share price of $20 to $50/share in 2012."

Read ADES Article on Seeking Alpha

Monday, January 23, 2012

Accumulating LIVE in the low $3's for a hold

New CEO is taking $1 salary. Effective as of January 20, 2012, the Company appointed Jon Isaac to serve as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Isaac was previously appointed to the Company's Board of Directors on December 12, 2011. Although the Company has not entered into a written employment agreement with Mr. Isaac as of the date of this filing, he will be paid an annual salary of $1 for his services as President and Chief Executive Officer and also be eligible to receive bonuses in such forms and amounts as may be determined by the Company's Compensation Committee in its sole discretion.

Mr. Isaac, 29, is founder of the Isaac Organization and head of Isaac Capital Group, a privately held investment company. In that capacity, Mr. Isaac has closed a variety of multi-faceted real estate transactions, including transactions involving the U.S. federal government and publicly traded companies. Mr. Isaac also has experience in aiding publicly traded companies in implementing turnarounds and in raising capital. Mr. Isaac studied economics and finance at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Read Filing

His firm just bought a 17% stake. Read Filing

The filing says this is why : Item 4. Purpose of Transaction
ICG acquired the Shares to change the composition of the Issuer’s board in the belief that the Issuer and its shareholders would benefit from the diversification of the Issuer’s business. ICG intends to diversify the Issuer’s business, and may seek suitable acquisition candidates through acquisition, merger, reverse merger or other suitable business combination method and/or to restructure the Issuer into a holding company by merger into a subsidiary.

This is the fund's website : Isaac Fund Website

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why ESTE may be the Next Big Oil Momentum Stock

Years ago when oil stocks were strong, I picked a low float oil stock on the AMEX PDO at $5. In a few weeks it hit $45. Is ESTE may be the Next Big Oil Momentum Stock?

Earthstone Energy, Inc.(ESTE) has only 1.7m shares outstanding and a public float of 1.2m.

ESTE had EPS for the last 6 months of $0.81. The oil revenue for the last 3 months has been booked at an average price of $87 per barrel of oil and they did $0.43 EPS for the quarter. (Recently oil is over $100 per barrel). Reserves increased 2% and the Company has been investing in new Bakken wells participation. Read 10-Q

The Company is expanding with new wells in the Bakken territory (where they mostly reside) and is partners with some of the major Bakken oil players CLR and BEXP.

Recent comment from their President in a press release:

"The Company expects to continue its strategy of participating in drilling non-operated, horizontal wells which now includes both the Bakken and Three Forks formations." Singleton continued, "The next few quarters should prove to be exciting. In addition to the new wells mentioned above coming on production, we are evaluating two non-Bakken opportunities which could positively impact the Company's reserves and production and hope to announce progress on these ventures in the future. With numerous efforts both underway and in the planning process, we eagerly anticipate increasing the Company's profitability and cash flow." Read Press Release

Bakken oil stocks have been very strong as of late. Domestic oil production is a theme growing stronger each day. KOG, CLR, NOG are 3 of them.

CLR is at $75 and is expected to do $2.53 EPS this year for a P/E of 29 See Numbers

KOG is at $10 and is expected to do $0.25 EPS this year for a P/E of 41 See Numbers

NOG is at $25 and is expected to do $0.63 EPS this year for a P/E of 40 See Numbers

Let's assume that ESTE only conservatively doubles first half EPS to end the year at $1.62 EPS. Applying the P/E ratios of CLR, KOG, and NOG would give ESTE a price range of $53 to $75. It is currently at $16. Throw in the fact this has a minuscule float and number of outstanding shares and that is why I think ESTE has potential to be the next big oil momentum stock. I am long at $15.75.

Low float stocks can be volatile and dangerous and are not for chasing or large positions in my opinion.

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