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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why $CDTID went ballistic and Riders on the $TORM

The reason $CDTID went ballistic today is a simple pattern to me. They did a reverse split and merger at the same time, which left a small float and outstanding shares. Coincidentally, they received a small, new contract and diesel emissions reduction was in the news. However, this is the SAME share structure that $SCOK and $CALL had before the both ran from the single digits to the $30+ range. Reverse split (leaving low float and outstanding), and merger with another company. If there is any interest in the industry at the time it is a plus. When $SCOK did it China coal was hot. When $CALL did it , there was talk of Skype IPO.

In the future when a Company does a reverse split and merger (especially if there is substance to the merger), leaving a low float, the possibility will always exist for a run up. However, the halt tells you not to get greedy whether you are long or if you are crazy enough to short these. I scalped some from $15-$20 and have no position. Nor did I blog or tweet on this stock ($CDTID)

Low floats or small caps in general are not for chasing or large positions. When I have profit always best for me to take some off and if I want to let the rest ride.

I was in and called $TORM today at $6.50. Read Blog Post The stock hit $11.40, before the $CDTID halt scared small cap traders. The Company reports earnings next week or two, already has $0.43 EPS for the first 6 months of 2010, and titanium dioxide shortages are in the news. Took some profit off but will manage the rest accordingly as this is a small cap with a real story and EPS that could catch fire as the titanium dioxide need is in the news and I was told was mentioned on CNBC today. $KRO has almost a 20 P/E in the same industry so if $TORM can get near a $1 EPS run rate this could be an interesting story. However, that is contingent on the next EPS report. I was in when $TORM was in the $6's and did not chase a new position so I have the luxury of taking some profit off and watching to see if this catches fire some more on the story or with the help of crazy shorts.

in TORM $6.50

in TORM $6.50. Low float so NOT A STOCK TO CHASE or for LARGE POSITIONS. Low float stocks can be volatile and dangerous.

Why I bought:
***** TORM 925k Float 1.9m O/S TORM- Bloomberg
***** Unnoticed 0.18 EPS last Quarter, .43 for the 6 months Read Press Release
***** Up against easy comps this quarter See Quarterly Comps
***** Bullish comments from CEO last quarter - The Company said it expects to continue to produce year-over-year improvement in financial results during the second half of fiscal year 2010.
Supplies of Titanium Dioxide reported to be low relative to demand
Read Article
***** Strong stock performance and 19 P/E for KRO which is in similar space

Commenting on the results, Dr. Olaf Karasch, Chief Executive Officer said, "Second quarter marked our highest quarterly sales in more than four and one half years and our sixth quarter of year-over-year improvement in profitability. The continued growth in revenue and profitability is a result of improving market conditions, the successful introduction of new products, and the hard work we have completed over the past two years to improve efficiencies and remove costs from our business. The improvement also reflects the powerful leverage in our business, as a large portion of each incremental sales dollar makes a significant contribution to our bottom line."

"We've come a long way in diversifying our product and geographic mix in the past several years. The addition of several new large customers also diversifies our customer concentration. Greater diversification should improve our ability to deliver consistent growth in revenue and profitability," Dr. Karasch continued.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

super-trades mayhem! $LIVE and let $LIVE

$LIVE, a stock I blogged about last Thursday See Blog Post while it was in the $4's, hit $22.25 today in some of the craziest trading I have ever seen since the era. I expected it to go higher but not hit $22 in minutes! I tweeted Read Tweet on it as a trade and also posted on today Read Post. had it first last Thursday. Testing a system to send out my alerts through the blog real time as well as the place I always post my positions first at (

$LIVE went up so fast I couldn't sell fast enough. I was out $10-$13 range from entries in the $4's and a few in the $5's. What a SUPER-TRADE ! As I said the stock had the lowest float I have seen and it was not for big positions and the spread was crazy.

Low floats could be in play again as $LIVE as well as $CTDID another reverse split/merger had big days. $RITT has been talked about as the next low floater to run and I picked up some for a trade in case it does a $LIVE tomorrow. $RITT float supposed to be 300-700k. I am also researching a few other low floaters. Keep in mind $ALAN was mentioned in the blog thursday as a reverse split with a nice story building on food spoilage costs savings.

This blog is not investment advice for you or anyone. It is for me to post my stock ideas. Keep in mind LOW FLOATERS can be DANGEROUS to trade. They can move up and down dollars in minutes and are hard to execute trades on. I never chase them, never have too large a position in them (after a few painful lessons) or never overstay my welcome unless they are news driven. This article today said computer trades were responsible for some of $LIVE Read Article

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

super-trades update $CCME $HIHO $ANTP

CCME hit all time high of $16.60 ! Took some profit off and will manage the rest of my shares accordingly. I do think stock will go much higher but foolish of me to have never taken some profit off the first run. super-trades winner from original call at $7.50 to $16.60. I do expect the stock to go higher still and short squeeze may start second leg.

Just a trade : HIHO had interesting news yesterday. Read News Looks like recurring revenue and potentially could be iphone cases. Company already profitable with .11 EPS It churned all day like ANTP last week. Will watch for volume price action or see if it just goes to sleep. Mental stop $2.50 on HIHO from entry around $2.80. ANTP volume has slowed but it keeps flirting to go higher. Still have half shares from $4 on ANTP.

Thursday, October 14, 2010 watch list $CCME $ANTP $LIVE $ALAN $OINK

CCME - The short squeeze continues ! Closed in the $14's and all time highs are in reach. Feels good to see my research proved correct again although it has taken much longer than I thought, not seeing the short/slander attack on china small caps. Well shorts overstayed their welcome on CCME that is for sure. It was funny yesterday when CCME said that Starr Investment (Owned by AIG's Herb Greenberg) was upping their stake in CCME by buying 1.5m shares from the founders at $9. Read Press Release CCME haters (even some on my favorite message board to my dismay) were instantly out saying scam and other lame comments. Well they did not see that the $9 price was the average of the month of September when the deal was negotiated and that this was actually bullish news that Starr wants more shares and reinforces CCME is legit. Well the bashers were shamed again (not as though they have much credibility left) as CCME closed at new highs for the day. We could see a parabolic jump in the next day or so the way this stock is squeezing with so many shorts in it. Remember that earnings, guidance raise , dividend, or an accretive acquisition are all possibilities in my opinion. I must say it feels good to be proved correct again with CCME! I originally bought CCME as TMI in the $7's so my core shares are rocking. (Although my trading shares did not fare as well during the short slam). watch list: (If you think a stock belongs on my watch list, email me at

ANTP - I blogged on this stock Tuesday night this week as I picked some up at $4 in afterhours on EPS turnaround and guidance that mentioned the demand for their antennas due to smart phone use (a buzz topic). With a low float and a history of running I am watching this for follow through after taking half of my shares off in the low $5's. It seems like it was being shorted / accumulated the last 2 days and it closed strong today. Like I said I am watching this for follow through.

LIVE - This stock did a reverse split and now has approximately 600k shares o/s and a 305k float. See Bloomberg - LIVE I have never met a low float (under 1m) that I did not like :)
This stock is extremely thin and has low volume so not for large positions and is extremely speculative. However, on GOOG's blowout results (see what LIVE does in the next paragraph) this could be seen as a small cap sympathy play and/or just move when traders figure out how low the float is as low float stocks have been moving. I picked up a few today as a speculative play. Again, extremely thinly traded and low floats can be feast or famine. Read Today's Press Release

LiveDeal, Inc. provides local customer acquisition services for small businesses to deliver an affordable way for businesses to extend their marketing reach to local, relevant customers via the Internet. LiveDeal delivers website creation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), video, and other online marketing tools as part of its InstantAgency suite of products. These products and services are dedicated to delivering agency quality online advertising at a fraction of the price of a traditional online marketing agency.

ALAN - Another reverse split stock that left it with approximately 3.5m shares o/s and a 5.2m float. See Bloomberg - ALAN

This is what they do : Alanco Technologies, Inc. provides wireless monitoring and asset management solutions through its StarTrak Systems subsidiary. StarTrak Systems is the dominant provider of tracking, monitoring and control services to the refrigerated or “Reefer” segment of the transportation marketplace, enabling customers to increase efficiency and reduce costs of the refrigerated supply chain.

They had a press release today that sales are up 25%. Read Press Release The main angle here came from this IBM commercial I saw on TV the other night. See Commercial It seems ALAN addresses this problem with their technology. Watching for price/volume follow through.

OINK - HOGS and OINK are both China pork stocks. HOGS has exploded to all time highs. OINK just got back to its IPO price today ($6). Traders are watching this to see if it gets picked up as the next HOGS. Watching for strong volume price action and/or company/sector news. Approximately 10m shares o/s and I cannot find the float but I think the IPO was approximately 2m shares if my memory is correct. See Bloomberg - OINK

Tianli Agritech, Inc., through its subsidiary, HC Shengyuan Limited, engages in raising, breeding, and selling hogs for use in Chinese pork production and hog breeding markets. The company sells its products to distributors and large-scale swine farms. Tianli Agritech, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Wuhan City, the People’s Republic of China.

Again these are my investment ideas only and is not intended as investment advice for anyone. Make trades at your own risk. No individual is 100% accurate in their views.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

super-trades is back!!! $CCME $ANTP

I am back from a vacation, time off for family , and depression that CCME did not hit $30+ :)

But seriously, CCME is a stock I first called at $7.50 when it was still TMI. It ended up hitting $14.82 from there, which was a 100% super-trades gainer. However I said it had the numbers for a much higher share price. What I did not see coming was the smear campaigns and short sellers attack on most all China small caps. This was bad judgment on my part - a bad call for super-trades. (Did you hear me? I said it was a bad call for me not to see this coming) CCME got hammered all the way back to the $7's. Some china stocks did have accounting issues. CCME was smeared on message boards (even my favorite message board to my dismay), and shorts piled on. At the latest report there were approximately 4.4m shares short CCME. They are now on the Reg SHO list for naked short sellers and it looks like the last week a forced buy in squeeze is happening. Shorts never produced one shred of evidence meanwhile CCME had blow out earnings of $0.80 last quarter and authorized a $30m share buyback. With earnings on the way, in my opinion raised guidance, and I hope the possibility of a dividend, this has the makings of a potential epic short squeeze that may already have started. Many of these shorts are way underwater in my opinion and panic buy -ins could happen. (My original buy from the $7's still looks great although some trading shares did not fare as well!)

ANTP - I would watch this stock tomorrow as they reported nice EPS and backlog afterhours. The stock has a low float and history of running. The guidance talk about the need for cell phone capacity due to smart phone and that their antennas are in the sweet spot. I picked some up around $4 in the afterhours for a trade.
Here is the press release link.

Read Press Release

Again I am blogging my trade ideas only and this is not investment advice. I have trade ideas that go well and trade ideas that don't go so well.

However super-trades is back !

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Welcome to, blog home of Superman. Purpose of this blog is for me to discuss my trades and stock ideas (As well as opinions and rants on stock market related issues). I will mention the date and price I enter. As far as exits, I always try to take half off when I have some profit and if I believe in the stock, let the rest run further. I always also use mental stop limits, at which time I would exit and minimize any losses. I do not like to give price targets unless I can support them by P/E in some way or by comparison to another stock. I just post stock trades and ideas that I believe will go higher (or lower for shorts) and the reason I believe that. Individuals should have their own strategies for managing profits and losses. My stock picks tend to NOT be daytrades at all and many take time to move. I am not an investment advisor and this blog should not be considered or followed as investment advice.