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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am leaving

I will no longer be posting at website. I will post here on my blog and twitter and will be re-emerging at a new message board. Please feel free to contact me with questions.


Anonymous said...

Dont blame you getting ugly in there.. Let us know where your going?

Anonymous said...

good riddance to that filthy site. can't believe you stuck around as long as you did with that idiot lion running the show. i'm still there, but only for the jungle forum. look forward to your new site.

steve said...

wchich board do you plan to visit? why do you leave - to spammy/pumpy recently ;-)

anyhow - thanks very much for posting your insights!! I really appreciate your work!!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree at all with Lion's decision.

Go on like You have always done, go on with Your great work.

With enormous gratitude.


newMilan said...

Almost ALL the Chinese ADR stocks fall today, any comment? do u think its a good idea to trade CCME now? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Since you're in Vegas, put $50 down for me that you'll be posting on the Lion within the month.

Anonymous said...

Lionmaster doesn't seem to understand how he is treating others. He ticked a lot of people off with the ban on CCME. Then he comes into the group and says that the 10k delay is a cause for concern and some profits should be taken. Late for the 10k statement and didn't pay attention to the different investment style. Did he think that was going to be happily received? Or does he just need drama?

Anonymous said...

Do i result suspended from Lion forum too?

I only posted my appreciation for Super works here. Nothing else.

Can someone answer me?

I can't see lion's forum anymore.



Anonymous said...

Lion took his forum down lol

Anonymous said...

Superman, I will be following you on Twitter (I never used it before today) and on this site also. Just let me know when you get a new message board and I will chat with you there. I really appreciate all your hard work and DD. CCME to da moon!

Anonymous said...

To da moon? Clark, honey is that you? :-)

Anonymous said...

Why did lion take the site down now for?

Anonymous said...

I'll stick up for Superman on this one. Not only does he post winners on the Lion site but has also donated quite a bit of money. It's ridiculous that Lion and his ego can't stand not being in control of how others think and trade and lets that influence his decision to ban Superman.

It just goes to show you that unless you continually kiss the golden Lion ring and then disagree with his thinking on a play your status and previous contributions to his site mean very little. However, had CCME been a Lion play, you can bet your ass we'd be seeing posts about it, especially if it pulled back a bit.

And another thing. Lion calls his site "free"? Yet charges for page credits and begs for donations. If he was such a great trader he wouldn't have to ask for donations, especially since his great DD and words of wisdom get people to buy his previously bought plays, which increases volume, price movement and internet chatter.

Anonymous said...

"Why did lion take the site down?"

LOL, that's easy. He's showing you little people who's in charge. But he'll post that it was a server issue when the site comes back up.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic example of Biting the Hand that feeds you. Sup had donated more $$$ to Lion than almost anyone and has brought quality picks to his site, only to get banned due to jealousy, ego, and pride.

Sup, ask for your $$$ back from him...if your not good enough for his site, then neither is your money!


Anonymous said...


I like your work & appreciate your write ups on your picks. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

will you be updating your website, as much as you did with


Anonymous said...

My jaw literally dropped. How does one go from top guru to persona non grata in the blink of an eye??? Horrible. Even Tag eventually had good words to say about you -- and I hardly think he likes anyone! LOL Many thanks, Superman.

option said...

This is not right--Lion's ego is getting out of hand she shouldn't ban Superman or his stock picks. You have made more donation than anyone else combines. Please come back!!! Just for fun!

Anonymous said...

Lion is gay

Anonymous said...

Lion's tearing into CCME again and deleting posts. WTF?! Of course he's got everyone loading PALM, though.

Anonymous said...

just got tossed myself.

i asked LION what was his reasoning to tie CCME and FUQI together.

I asked what he knew about CCME's accounting that would make him associate it with FUQI.

so he banned me.



Anonymous said...

Thas why they call him LyinMaster. His picks are shiit anyway.

Chan said...

why did you leave?

Anonymous said...

Lionmaster is falling apart. I have been watching the site for over 7 years banned a couple different times and know for sure that SAM is trippn hard lately. Mayb he is jealous of TIM or maybe he is mad that he doesnt charge or something. He is a retard for sure for giving u shit. F him, and Big ups to u, even though i have never put money in ur picks I enjoy ur greatness.

Anonymous said...

Hate to keeping beating a dead horse [that's kinda mean anyway] but this has to be said.

Lion got his panties all in a knot because of the attention that CCME was getting in "The Pit" or maybe some other reason. Then "Mr. fastest DD" comes on the individual CCME board to bring up the 10K delay two days later. CCME longs defend the stock and he kicks everyone out [some should have gone anyway...they were annoying].

Now, not only is CCME all over "The Pit" but it's all over the PALM board as well and, ironically, everyone is allowed to bash the crap out of it by saying whatever they want...something Lion would never let happen if it was his pick. The funniest thing is that Tiki, who secretly can't stand Lion when in "her cove", is kissing his ass because she got what she wanted by getting CCME banished.

Until the egos are removed from this business, it will be utterly impossible to find a group of seasoned traders that will truly work together to bounce trading and investing ideas off of. That seems to be Tiki's mantra but she rarely adheres to it. Twitter seemed to be a viable alternative but there's way too much noise. Too many people want to announce picks or trades but also let everyone know that their cat has hairballs. Would love to find that viable alternative if it exists.

Maybe something like a real time "min-Lion" chat? Skype, IM.

Sorry for the rant and best of luck to all those in exile.

Anonymous said...

The only way to avoid putting up with all the egos is by creating your own private real time chat room on the mirc network. Magic has one as do I. Since I don't trade much anymore and usually sign off an hour or so after the market opens, I use my room to keep in touch with the few people who I consider my friends and are people I can trust.

Very easy to get your own real time chat room, make it private and avoid all the bs.

Anonymous said...

PALM up big where's Lion?

spread betting companies said...

shame you aren't posting anymore on the Lion

sanjeev said...

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