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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time to Revisit SNT ?

I would not chase this stock, but it did approach a level on Friday that it peaked at the last time I called it. I find the agriculture side of SNT's business extremely fascinating and relevant given today's food situation. That being said I am eager to hear about any updates and/or progress on this side of the business. (Recently, the Company has been more focused on drug development - as the agriculture products are in trials with some large companies who are controlling the trials). My original entry was at $1.30 on 4/11/2008 and 11 days later it hit $1.95 for a 50% move. It subsequently sold off to the low $1's. On Friday the stock moved back to $1.91 for a 23% one day move. So I thought it would be prudent to at least review the research that had me interested in SNT in the first place and keep it on watch for further news/strength. I picked up a few shares on Friday towards the end of the day out of curiosity, knowing full well this could be a one day wonder and may be pushed down again. Otherwise, maybe it is starting getting noticed for that agriculture potential as I originally thought. Time will tell and I will watch it.

SNT Float 13.3m O/s 18.2m Bloomberg
Highlights from their website and yahoo:
Company Website
Impressive deals in place: (sample from website)

Bayer CropScience
In November 2006 we entered into an exclusive worldwide license with Bayer CropScience to commercialize our technology in Brassica oilseeds. Bayer is using the Senesco technology to enhance the yield of canola. In 2007 Bayer CropScience signed two additional licenses to commercialize our technology in Cotton and Rice.

In August 2007 we entered into an exclusive worldwide license with Monsanto to commercialize our technology in Corn and Soy. Monsanto aims to incorporate our technology into their product lines in order to enhance yield.

Cal/West Seeds
In September 2002, we entered into an exclusive development and license agreement, with Cal/West Seeds to commercialize our technology in certain varieties of alfalfa. Cal/West is the largest member-owned seed production cooperative in the United States. Alfalfa is the fourth largest crop grown in North America. Cal/West is attempting to enhance their position in the forage seed industry by enhancing seed yield, biomass and resistance to environmental stress.

In October, 2004, we entered into a license agreement with Poet, LLC to license our proprietary gene technology to Poet to improve aspects of Poet’s ethanol production capabilities. We will receive an annual payment for each Poet facility that incorporates our technology.


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- Senesco Technologies, Inc. ("Senesco" or the "Company") (AMEX:SNT) announced today that the Company's proprietary Factor 5A gene technology has a positive effect on plants grown in soil with low nutrient levels and in the absence of commercial fertilizer. The Senesco plants exhibited nearly three times the seed yield of unenhanced control plants under these conditions.

The Company tested its technology in Arabidopsis plants, a commonly used test plant which is closely related to the oilseed-bearing canola plant. Both Senesco's plants and the control plants were grown in low-nutrient soil with no added commercial...

Read More here
Read More here

Senesco has shown that its Factor 5A technology confers resistance to common bacterial and fungal plant diseases by preventing the induction of premature death caused by pathogens. Tests conducted both in-house and in conjunction with Senesco's lettuce development partner, the Harris Moran Seed Company, show that the development of disease symptoms caused by both fungal and bacterial pathogens is inhibited by up to 99% in plants incorporating Senesco's proprietary Factor 5A gene technology.

Read More Here

Senesco Technologies, Inc. develops technology that regulates the onset of cell death in plants. The company's technology is used to develop strains of crops without any modification other than delaying natural plant senescence
The company develops its technologies for the commercial agriculture industry, including extending the shelf life of perishable plant products, producing larger and leafier crops, increasing crop yields, and reducing the harmful effects of environmental stresses, such as drought.
One of the main advantages of our patent pending genetic technologies is their broad applicability. Our technology has shown the ability to enhance a wide variety of crops, which could be implemented by multiple licensing partners on a worldwide scale. We have already made progress to this end with our existing commercial relationships.
We are developing our technologies to address multiple opportunities within the global commercial agriculture industry, including extending the shelf life of perishable plant products, producing larger and leafier crops, increasing crop yields and reducing the harmful effects of environmental stresses, like drought.

Throughout the course of a plant’s life there are periods of productive growth and periods of dormancy. This dormancy is often in response to stresses on the plant such as diseases, pests and environmental factors. To ensure maximum productivity, commercial agriculture attempts to minimize the inefficiencies caused by these stresses. Our technology has proven useful at doing just that.

Our research has yielded substantial data to prove our theory that our patented and patent pending genes act at a critical point in the process of cell death. We have shown that by modulating the expression of these genes we can increase plant size, increase seed yield, increase shelf life of perishable produce, increase growth rates and reduce the harmful effects of a wide variety of environmental stresses.
Other technologies have been used to attempt to make commercial agriculture more efficient through biotechnology. We believe that our technology has the following inherent competitive advantages over other technologies:

• our genes are present in all plants, meaning there is no addition of foreign genetic material necessary to implement our technology;

• the activity of our technology is focused at the critical point after ripening but before senescence, meaning that taste, texture and other consumer traits which have been negatively affected by competing technologies will not be affected by the use of our technology;

• using our technology leads to a wide variety of beneficial traits;

• our technology is incorporated at the seed level, thereby avoiding the use of chemical applications to the final product, which will benefit the growers and consumers.
Shelf Life
Use of our technology has proven to be effective in extending the shelf life of perishable produce by delaying senescence. Use of our technology in carnation flowers and tomato fruit show the direct impact of reducing natural senescence, which allows the product to have a much longer viable shelf life.
Increased Biomass/Growth Rates
Overall plant size is an important trait in many commercial crops. Plants with larger leaves could be beneficial in all leafy vegetables, while trees that grow larger would certainly be more productive for the lumber and paper industries. Larger root systems allow plants to be more effective at nutrient and water uptake from the soil, thereby adding to their overall productivity.
Resistance to Environment Stress
Environmental stresses are the greatest threat to commercial agriculture. Chilling, drought, heat and soil salinity all contribute worldwide to losses of crops in the field. There is not a single crop that is immune to the negative effects of various environmental conditions. These stresses contribute directly to the kickstarting of senescence. As we have reinforced throughout our discussion of our technology, we believe that we can impart a great deal of resistance to the senescence brought about by these harmful environmental conditions.
Senesco licenses its technology to agricultural companies.


dreadknoughtY2K said...

I would love an update from them on the food science side, the food shortage scare has died down just a bit right now but with all the flooding of crops it will be in the headlines again most likely.

Anonymous said...

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