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Monday, June 9, 2008

super-trades alert - new buy - CSY - Big Numbers

CSY - China Sky Medical Inc. Website
Just to name a few products - Weight Loss Patch, Heart Attack Detection Patch, Pain Killer Patch, Future Cancer, Stem Cells, Stem Cell Cord Bank
Recently Moved To Amex from OTCBB
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Approximately 15m shares outstanding and 6m share float (per bloomberg)Bloomberg Link
The Numbers:
For the year ended 12/2007:
Revenues increased to approximately $49m from $20million
Net Income increased to approximately $15m from $624k
EPS increased to $1.15 from $.05 (based on approximately 13.4m shares outstanding)
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For the first quarter ended 3/2008:

Total revenues increased 140% year to year to $12.4 million
Gross profit increased 136% in 2008 to $9.6 million
Gross margin remained stable at 77%
Operating income increased 154% to $4.9 million
Operating margin improved to 39% from 37% a year ago
Net income increased to $3.9 million, or $0.26 per diluted share (based on approximately 14.9m shares outstanding), up from $1.5 million, or $0.12 per diluted share in 2007
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There is an analyst who has a $24 price target and is forecasting $1.58 EPS for this year on $83m of revenues and $2.48 EPS for next year on $132m of revenue.
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Business Outlook Comment from CEO:
Business Outlook

“Thus far in 2008, we have completed two acquisitions, including one which will enhance our product portfolio and pipeline of new drugs and another which will allow us to quickly expand sales of our medicinal products. In 2008, we expect strong growth in all of our product categories, with sales of bio-chemical products and our highly successful Slim Patch making the largest contributions,” said Mr. Liu. “For the full year 2008, and as a result of our recent acquisitions, we are currently on track to increase revenues materially as compared to last year and hope to increase our gross margin to approximately 78.5%.”
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What They Do:

China Sky One Medical, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of over-the-counter nutritional and medicinal products in the People's Republic of China. It offers cosmetics, medical devices, and external use medicinal or pharmaceutical external use products in various forms, including sprays, ointments and creams, powders, and patches. The company's products include sumei slim patch, pain killer patch, anti-hypertension patch, dysmenorrheal patch, yin ke psoriasis spray, wart removing spray, chilblain ointment, hemorrhoids ointment, tinea pedis spray and ointment, dermatitis spray, dandruff treatment herbal shampoo, and runze eye drop. China Sky One Medical also provides a range of products made from Chinese herbs and plants, including a leukoderma ointment, rheumatism spray, coryza powder, hircus removing spray, gonorrheal cleaning spray, snoring retardant, deodorants, diet tea, cough arresting patch, and pharyngitis spray. In addition, the company sells medicinal and pharmaceutical products in the PRC. It sells its products through pharmaceutical chain stores. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Harbin, the People's Republic of China.
Key Statistics

Product Line

We manufacture over thirty-eight (38) branded products, which management believes enables us to maintain better control over product quality and availability while also reducing production costs. We also sell a total of eight (8) products manufactured by other firms (See “Other Products,” below). Our manufacturing operations are conducted in our indirect subsidiaries’ facilities located in Harbin City, China. Additionally, we maintain a working relationship with a number of outside manufacturers, including softgel manufacturers and packagers, and utilize these outside sources from tim e to time.

We sell our products under three basic categories: cosmetics (4 items); medical devices (4 items); and external use medicinal or pharmaceutical external use products (over 22 items). We sell these products in four main different forms, including, without limitation, sprays, ointments and creams, powders, a nd patches. A description of our main product lines follows.

Sumei Slim Patch

The Sumei Slim Patch is marketed and sold in the PRC as a more natural way to lose weight. The Sumei Slim Patch uses Saponin, believed to regulate and restrain the excessive secretion of certain hormones, while promoting others. The Sumei Slim Patch is also believed to foster weight loss and prevent weight gain.

Pain Killer Patch

A pain killer patch applied to the neck, shoulder and waist, this product is a treatment to fend off fever, promote well-being and to relieve diarrhea. The patch is used for a number of ailments, including fever, headache, dysentery of a heat type, diarrhea and stiffness and pain in the neck caused by hypertension.

Anti-Hypertension Patch

The anti-hypertension patch is based on five thousand years of Chinese herbal vein therapy that has been adapted to a modern trans-dermal therapeutic system (TTS). The product utilizes a Body-Yong-Guan point technique, which is believed to maximize the effectiveness of the medicinal ingredients. The product is believed to stimulate blood capillaries and is believed to be effective in improving circulation and in reducing blood pressure.

Dysmenorrheal Patch

This is a soft patch, applied externally, for pain relief from dysmenorrheal (menstrual cramps) that combines traditional Chinese point therapy and modern trans-dermal technology. This product contains a pure herb formula selected from rare Chinese herbs or plants which is refined to extract the effective ingredients. This product is believed to be effective in regulating microcirculation, in balancing the functions of the human body and in enhancing the immunity response of women. It is believed to be effective in treating the dysmenorrheal (cramping) in a woman’s critical days, and in regulating pain and catamenia (menstruation period).

Yin Ke Psoriasis Spray

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is difficult to treat. Our research scientists have focused their efforts in finding treatments for this disease. Yin Ke Psoriasis Spray is a spray that contains Chinese herbal ingredients that are believed to be effective in killing pathogenic ringworms inside or under the skin, causing scale-like skin to fall off, and allowing healthy skin to grow.

Wart Removing Spray

This product has been developed to eliminate the viruses in a tumors or warts. The product is effective in removing warts, through a strong permeation and sterilization process. The product is a highly concentrated washing liquid that is applied topically to the affected area.

Chilblain Ointment

This product contains Rhizoma Paridis, Rhizoina Bletilae and Camphor, and is refined from Chinese herbal materials. It is believed to be effective in improving blood circulation, and in eliminating various symptoms of Chilblain (a cold injury that appears as an inflamed swelling on the extremities), including itching and swelling.

Hemorrhoids Ointment

This product contains Acetate, Radix notoginseng, and Rhizoma coptidis. The product is made in a soft ointment that is effective in sterilizing and relieving hemorrhoid symptoms, including itching, distending pain, burning, and bleeding.

Tinea Pedis Spray, Ointment and Powder

This product contains Cortex Pseudolaricis and Cortex Phellodendri, and is a treatment for killing various pathogens on the skin surface and subcutaneously, such as mycete (a fungus), trichopytic, staphylococcal bacteria aureus, bacillus coli, and candida albicans (thrush).

Dermatitis Spray

This product is effective in sterilization and in relieving itching in various kinds of skin pruritis (intense itching condition) caused by eczema, urticaria (hives), seborrheic dermatitis (flaking of skin, dandruff), herpes zoster (shingles), neurodermitis and allergic dermatitis.

Dandruff Treatment Herbal Shampoo

This product has been specifically designed to treat dandruff, and is not intended for use as an ordinary shampoo. The product is believed to be effective in killing fungi and providing nutrition to pallium cells.

Runze Eye Drop

This product is refined from active ingredients extracted from natural herbs or plants, and functions as a protection from infection, tiredness of optic nerves and myopia.

Testing Kits Approved and Brought to Market in 2007

Cardiac Arrest Early Examination Kit

This product is used for early stage diagnosis of myocardial infarction (heart attacks). We completed SFDA clinical testing of the Cardiac Arrest Early Examination Kit and began sales of this product in 2007. This kit is patented in PRC.

Kidney Disease Testing Kit

The Urinate Micro Albumin Examination Testing Kit is used in connection with early stage diagnosis for primary kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. We completed SFDA clinical testing for the Urinate Micro Albumin Examination Testing Kit and commenced sales of this product in 2007. This kit is patented in PRC.

Other Products

TDR offers a number of additional products made from Chinese herbs and plants, including a leukoderma ointment, rheumatism spray, Coryza powder, Hircus removing spray, gonorrheal cleaning spray, a snoring retardant, deodorants, diet tea, cough arresting patch, pharyngitis spray, and others.

Historically we have sold only products that we manufactured. However, during the 2007 fiscal year, we began an initiative to sell medicinal products manufactured by other companies under exclusive sales and marketing arrangements. Set forth in the table below is information concerning these products and the intended treatment applications.

Products In Development:

We currently have various biological products under development at various stages of clinical testing and development. The development of some of these prod ucts are expected to be completed as early as 2008 or beyond for other products. A summary of each of these products is set forth in the table below.

Testing Kits Name

Clinical Experiment and Status

Application Area

Patent or
Intellectual Property (IP)
AIDS Early Examination Kit

Completed clinical testing; application for manufacturing certificate submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for AIDS

Method of Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Carcinoma Cervix Early Examination Kit

Research completed and application for manufacturing certificate submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for Carcinoma Cervix

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Breast Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; and application for production permit submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for Breast Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.
Liver Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Liver Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Rectal Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Rectal Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Stomach Cancer Early Examination Kit

Product research completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Stomach Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Multi-tumor Marker Protein Chip Assay Kit

Product research in process.

Early stage diagnosis for multiple cancers.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

New Endostatin

Toxicology test, teratogenicity test and quality standard completed; product research in process.

Early stage diagnosis for cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

New Products

We are currently conducting toxicology experiments, quality standard measurement and other experimentation for our products under development. It is estimated that the experimental time takes about another seven to eight months for each product. We also hope to commence with clinical testing of 8 testing kit products in 2008 for: Uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovulatory cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and neisseria gonorrhea. We cannot predict whether, and when, these efforts will be successful, or the likelihood and/or timing of receiving SFDA approval of each product.

Research and Development for Endothelin-1

One of our various products under development is Endothelin-1. As of the date of this Annual Report, we have completed oxicology and teratogenicity testing, and have established quality standards, and further developments are underway to improve the product quality of Endothelin-1. In collaboration with Harbin Medical University, we have completed a laboratory experimental study pertaining to Endothelin-1, which is required prior to clinical trials, and is currently applying for approval to enter clinical experiments. At such time as development and clinical testing is successfully completed, we will commence efforts to market Endothelin-1 in the PRC and where legal, as a new anti-cancer medicine. There can be no assurance, of course, that these development efforts, or that any subsequent efforts to obtain SFDA approval (or other foreign drug regulatory authority approval where we may wish to market this drug) of the product, will be successful. We hope to develop Endothelin-1 as a cancer treatment drug that works by “starving” cancer cells by restricting the generation of blood vessels around cancer lesions, thereby inhibiting, to a degree, the source of nutrients upon which the cancer cells survive. Endothelin-1 has been recognized by the PRC medical industry as a “Top Category in New Medicine.” In order to qualify as the “Top Category in New Medicine,” a company must have intellectual property rights, high technology involvement, strong innovation, and the medicine must be the first of its kind to be introduced to the PRC. TDR has ownership of the intellectual property rights pertaining to this technology, and has obtained an invention patent in China for Endothelin-1. We expect that research and development and testing will be completed for manufacturing in 2009. To date we have expensed over approximately $2,278,047 (15,690,000 RMB) (unaudited) on research and development for Endothelin-1.

Research and Development for Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank

In 2006, we began implementing a plan to establish a cord blood stem cell bank in the PRC, for the treatment of various diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma and rebirth anemia. We are now in the process of perfecting our cultivation methods and freezing/storage of stem cells. It is expected that these efforts will continue over the next two years or more in particular in the research and development of technology, applications and methodology for the establishment of a cord blood stem cell bank. We have recently organized Harbin Tian Qing Biotech Application Company (referred to herein as “Harbin Biotech”) as a wholly-owned subsidiary, to conduct research and development in the areas of tissue and stem cell banks. This project will involve substantial expense and involve numerous risks. We entered into a development agreement with the Heilongjiang Provincial Red Cross out-patient department for purposes of defraying the costs of developing and marketing this product and are seeking additional R&D partners with laboratories having substantial experience in this area for this purpose as well.

Exclusive Regional License for Stem Cell Research

Research in biotechnology areas such as tissue and stem cell banks has historically been controlled tightly by the government of the PRC. Recently, however, the PRC government has altered its policies to allow one company per each geographic area in China to become actively engaged in research in these areas, with the result that many companies have applied to become engaged in this area of research and development, including the Company.

In August, 2006, we applied with the Ministry of Health of the PRC to become engaged in the research and development of stem cell and tissue banks and related biotechnology areas. Following an extensive review by the applicable local office of the Health Department of Heilongjiang Province, our application was approved on October 16, 2006, granting us, through our subsidiary, the exclusive right and license to become engaged in tissue and stem cell bank activities in the Heilongjiang Province of the PRC, through December 2010 and currently intend to renew this license from time to time as necessary. The Company organized Harbin Biotech to conduct these business operations, as required by Heilongjiang Province. Cord blood stem cells have been shown to be effective in treating a number of diseases, including but not limited to: (a) various forms of blood diseases, including Mediterranean anemia, Dresbach’s anemia, hypoplastic anemia, inborn cell deficiency, Evan’s syndrome, Fanconi’s anemia, Kostmann’s syndrome, and Blackfan-Diamond’s anemia; (b) various malignant diseases, including encephaloma, lymphoma, acute and chronic leukemia, Ewing myoma, Neuoblastoma, germ cell tumor, and multiple myeloma; (c) metabolism defects, including congenital dyskeratosis, Gunter’s disease, and Lesch-Nyhan’s disease; (d) immunodeficiency disease, including chronic granuloma disease and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome; and (e) various auto-immune diseases.

Our Stem Cell Research

There are numerous advantages of cord blood stem cell banks over traditional marrow transplants, including: a high success rate; low rejection rate; rich source of cord blood; absence of suffering of recipient; simple inspection and quick application; and low matching requirements. While we are not aware of a method to calculate the size of the stem cell market, management believes that the market for this business in PRC and elsewhere is potentially very large. The entry into this business will require strict examination and approval by PRC and local governmental agencies and will require close collaboration with medical institutions and academies.

Blood from umbilical cords—a byproduct of normal childbirth—is a good source of potentially life-saving stem cells, called Hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs), the type of stem cells also found in bone marrow and mobilized peripheral blood that give rise to various kinds of blood cells. Transplants of these stem cells have been effective in treating diseases of the blood and immune system, such as anemia and leukemia. Consequently, in many parts of the world, cord blood, once seen as a waste to be discarded after a birth, is now viewed as a valuable resource.

Over the past decade, several public and private cord blood banks have been established in other parts of the world to provide for the collection and preservation of these cells. The PRC is now making these activities available to a limited number of private enterprises in different parts of the PRC, including the Heilongjiang Province where the Company conducts its principal operations. As indicated, our Harbin Biotech subsidiary will have the exclusive right and license to establish a research and development business in this area in northeast China through 2010.

Typically, public cord blood banks collect and store umbilical cord blood donated by women at the birth of a child. This blood is preserved and stored and made available for a significant fee to anyone who needs it in the future. The children of the donor may, in turn, be able to use the stored stem cells to fight various diseases, immune deficiencies and genetic disorders. Storing the stem cells will come at a cost to the donor, consisting of a sizable initial fee and an annual maintenance fee for each year of storage.

Through Harbin Biotech , we are in the process of implementing a plan to establish a cord stem cell and tissue bank at our newly established facility outside Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, PRC, which is expected to be completed in 2008 or 2009. Management estimates that the total expected project costs to complete the project will be US $30 million.

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