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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oops! Bashers Did it Again!

Thanks for the introduction Britney:

PDO hit $32.65 today and is now up an astounding 630% from my first buy 43 days ago at $4.47.

APWR hit $30.90 today and is now up 117% from my first buy at $14.25 on January 28, 2008. (just shy of 5 months time frame)

I did not hold these stocks until the end, but made approximately $20 per share average on my PDO shares and approximately $8 average on my APWR shares.

Here is what happened with both of these stocks:

1) I called them at a nice low entry
2) They had a nice inital nice pop
3) They had a pullback after the initial pop (PDO was around $7-$8 and APWR $15)
At the time of the first pullback - stock bashers and shorters came out of the woodwork saying many things that I could not substantiate with fact ie.
These companies are POS
These companies are scams
Insiders will dump
Funds will sell
Earnings will be terrible
Funds are shorting them
and on and know the usual fearmongering by short bashers
4) They both went on to make a mockery of these bash attempts.

What do I learn?

First of all let me state in disclaimer form, I am far from being even close to 100% accurate in what I say about stocks. I have had many winners and many losers through the years. There have been many times that I have called stocks and they didnt work out like these two.

That being said, if I believe in the facts of a story (SEC filings, industry articles, studies, etc.) and what I consider to be a legitimate company , I will not be swayed or intimidated in the least by these stock bashers that attempt to bash/defame companies without providing any factual basis for their statements. Just as pump and dumpers are wrong for using false and misleading information to pump up a stock, stock bashers are equally guilty for using false and misleading information to attempt to pump a stock down.

The best shorters are the ones that can time legitimate pullbacks in these type of stocks and that don't stay short too long and overstay their welcome. Many people do that and make good money. The only reason they give is the stock is overbought and technically will pullback.

I agree some companies are sketchy at best , but I reject the notion that they all are. Some companies are the next great growth stocks, but I also reject the notion that they all are. I try to keep it balanced as much as I can.

Do I see any stocks that I think could be future Basher Monsters?
In my opinion only, (not a buy recommendation or advice)
My candidates are:
1) NTI
3) HEK (may be after the acquisition closes)


Anonymous said...

your picks are great and bashers make them more interesting

Anonymous said...

This post shows you CAN be objective. Very good.

Superman said...

Thanks, I will always try to be objective

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