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Saturday, June 28, 2008

China and NTI Plastic Waste to Oil Technology in the Future?

"Even Germans, Irish and Chinese have shown interest in my discovery," said Tokarz.
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This September 2007 article (translated from Spanish) says China, Germany and other countries have visited the T-Technology (Plastic Waste to Oil conversion) demo plant (that NTI now has the license for Website ) and have interest in purchasing the technology. See last paragraph from this September 2007 article translated from Spanish:

This plant located in Lodz has already been visited by engineers from Australia, China, Ireland and Germany as countries where there is interest in buying this technology, which is already patented by its creator, and who also already installed seven teams in different cities of its country, which will be used to process 1.4 million tons of plastic waste that occur annually in Poland, and turn them into fuels an important resource for a country that has no oil industry.
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Core Focus Stock Update - NTI

With my core focus stocks (like PDO, APWR etc. in the past), I am not concerned with consolidation and short term fluctuations. These stocks usually pop, retrace and consolidate (at this point they get bashed by short scalpers), then make a strong move higher after a certain event. For NTI, I don't think moving to the NASDAQ or the next earnings report will be the event. I think it will be any updates, progress, and growth in the Plastic Waste to Oil and the Biodegradable Plastics division. Here are some of my thoughts/vision/belief in NTI (as I presented similarly for PDO, APWR, and the like when they were in this phase) (Part 1 of 2)

Plastic Waste to Oil Technology (along with NTI's biodegradable plastics division which I will highlight in a different post) is why I think in the second half of 2008 NTI will be one of the most in demand renewable energy companies.

The move to the Nasdaq is great for exposure, and this next earnings report should mainly be about the profitable core corrosion business (which has had an approximately $0.70-$0.80 EPS run rate alone and has the opportunity to expand into new areas), but the real excitement I have about this company will be the rolling out and growth of the unique Bioplastics division and Plastic Waste to oil technology in the second half of 2008 and beyond.

This technology has been around in Europe and they have been in the process of placing it in Thailand and India and then eventually the goal is to offer it to many emerging countries. This technology safely converts plastic waste to crude oil. There are other companies that claim to be working on a technology like this. NTI's solution, according to the articles, is the first of its kind that does not require the waste to be cleansed or sorted. However there is so much plastic waste in the world it is unthinkable what the opportunity is. This technology addresses both the environment and the need for oil.

"Even Germans, Irish and Chinese have shown interest in my discovery," said Tokarz.
Read Article

"China", Germany and other countries have visited NTI's T-Technology (Plastic Waste to Oil conversion) demo plant and have interest in purchasing the technology. See last paragraph from this September 2007 article translated from Spanish:

This plant located in Lodz has already been visited by engineers from Australia, China, Ireland and Germany as countries where there is interest in buying this technology, which is already patented by its creator, and who also already installed seven teams in different cities of its country, which will be used to process 1.4 million tons of plastic waste that occur annually in Poland, and turn them into fuels an important resource for a country that has no oil industry.

Read Article

Plastic Waste Worse than Global Warming

Read the Article - 1

Read the Article - 2

More Information

Thailand Article

India Article

Read More Here

European Award

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

Stopped out remainder CSY - First bought at $13.95 on 6/10/2008 - on 6/11/2008 it hit $17.10 or 23% gain in one day. My rule is to sell a % of my shares when up to protect profits. I was stopped out of my remaining shares today. China stocks are just in the tank right now. Will keep CSY on watch as they have great numbers. CFO leaving did not help the case and I think they will need to build a track record with the street to gain momentum. Only China stock I own right now is HEK and I think HEK is a second half 2008 story once the acquisition closes in the fall. The HEK china bottled water business is a great story and I believe the stock can win in any market once the acquisition closes.

Speaking of second half 2008 stories, I expect NTI and TAYD to shine the rest of the year. For NTI, I expect to see some traction with the biodegradable plastic line in the last two quarters of the year. Additionally, I hope to hear more about the exciting Plastic Waste to oil technology which I believe could make this stock a blockbuster. With TAYD, I expect to see backlog increases and continued EPS growth, based on my estimation that global demand for these products will increase.

The market was extremely ugly today. Will not hold too large of a long position in any stock. Will be selective on long stocks to include sectors that I believe will be in demand even in a recession (TAYD - earthquake protection, NTI - Plastic Waste to oil technology, biodegradable plastics, corrosion solutions, HEK - Chinese bottled Water, etc.). Will be on the lookout for shorting opportunities as well. Shorted C for a scalp this morning, had success with some MER puts recently. Will post when I short something that is more than a daytrade scalp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Ruin A Stock Message Board/Chat

TOP THREE ways to ruin any great stock message board or chat:

1) Allow political discussions
2) Allow personal attacks
3) Allow the posting of false and misleading information to pump a stock up or down

That is why is my favorite message board to post on - all three of these are against the rules there

Yet it is also the reason I personally find yahoo finance message boards utterly worthless and a waste of time. However, to their defense, I don't see how yahoo could easily police the problem.

Thoughts For The Day

PDO - Stock hit an amazing $46 today. It is up 932% from my first buy ($4.47) 46 days ago when I pounded the table with relentless research from the $5-$7 range that this stock is going to take off. A popular short side website called it overvalued today (I think I can agree with that), the stock dipped but then still closed in the $40's. Like I posted yesterday, Read Here, in my opinion, this action lately has been about shorts getting squeezed. A true nightmare for those that shorted this stock.

TVOC.OB - A new buy for me today. Typically I don't like or go near OTCBB or PK, but in my opinion this stock is undervalued and is throwing off some serious EPS. If oil stocks stay hot, this has great potential to me. Read Here

Market has been weak lately. For me, the only stocks I should be long in are those that there will be interest in even if the market is bad. Renewable energy, environmental needs (NTI, MBLX, AETI, HDSN), earthquake protection (TAYD), oil/gas (TVOC.OB, AETI), water in China (HEK), medical products in China (CSY). Some of these stocks had pullbacks for me today. I am not a daytrader and will stick with stocks I believe in. Most of these stocks I bought weeks ago and had initial pops and I took a percentage off to protect profits. Lastly, I will use mental stops to limit losses if the need be. For performance of these stocks from my first buys, see the table towards the bottom of the right hand column on the blog.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Buy and Hold - Yes it's an OTCBB

I rarely ever buy an OTCBB or PK stock (PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THEM TO ME AT ALL). I generally don't like them. Yet as I researched this company, it reminded me too much of my initial PDO research. However, this is a dangerous (because of lack of liquidity), ultra low float, presently illiquid, hard to fill, OTCBB stock that I can't buy size and could get trapped in. That being said, here is why I bought some:

Better numbers and smaller float than PDO and MXC

TVOC.OB - Texas Vanguard Oil Co Float 314k Shares Outstanding 1.4m Per Bloomberg
Texas Vanguard Oil Company acquires, explores, develops, and operates onshore oil and gas properties in the United States. The Company operates in Texas, as well as New Mexico and Wyoming.

In 2007 they did $0.96 EPS on $7.4m in revenues, however look at the average selling prices for 2007:

Oil Production volume - 61,293 barrels
Average sales price per barrel - $68.04

Gas Production volume - 359,969 MCF
Average sales price per MCF - $7.24
Read More here

In Q1 2008 (apparently with higher oil/gas prices kicking in) they did $0.39 EPS on $2.2m in revenues. Included in that number was approximately .06 tax effected EPS for an impairment charge. Without that charge I calculate EPS would have been approximately $0.45 for the quarter. They finished the quarter with $5.3m of cash and no significant long term debt. Read More Here

TVOC.OB closed today (June 23, 2008) at $13.15. They did $0.39 EPS for Q1 2008
PDO did $0.22 EPS for Q1 2008
MXC just reported $0.27 EPS for Q1 2008

Having done $0.96 EPS for 2007 and $0.39 EPS for Q1 2008, is it reasonable to conclude that barring any more impairment or unusual expenses and if oil/gas prices remain high then TVOC.OB could have 2008 EPS of $1.50-$2.00? These numbers appear to be higher than the current reported EPS run rate of both PDO and MXC.

Today's Thoughts - PDO Short Massacre

PDO is now up an astounding 750% from my first buy 46 days ago ($4.47). In the $5-$7 range I was posting endless research and repeated assertions why I thought this stock was going to $15+. Well it hit $37.99 today. Lately, on an day that oil pulls back, I have witnessed many message board posters stating why PDO is junk and why it is going down. Grant it the stock has well surpassed my rationale for it deserving to be much higher than a $5-$7 stock. It seems apparent to me that repeated short squeezes Read More Here have helped fuel PDO to great heights. So I decided to look at the short interest history posted by Nasdaq for PDO, MXC (another low float oil high flying short squeeze), and NTI, which I believe to be the next mover along the lines of PDO and MXC.

(I rounded numbers in this analysis)
Link to Short Interest Numbers
Bloomberg to Check Stock Floats

PDO had a low to high range between $4 and $8 during the last few weeks of April. During that time, short interest increased to 89,000 shares from 5,000, an increase of 1,660%.
PDO had a low to high range between $8 and $29.98 during the month of May. During that time, short interest increased to 206,000 shares from 89,000, an increase of 131%.
PDO had a low to high range between $8 and $29.98 during the first few weeks of June. During that time, short interest increased to 219,000, remaining fairly constant from the 206,000 at the end of May. And today, June 23, 2008 the shares hit a new high of $37.99.

MXC had a low to high range between $9 and $34 during the month of May. During that time, short interest increased to 148,000 shares from 36,000, an increase of 311%.
MXC had a low to high range between $30 and $51 during the first few weeks of June. During that time, short interest decreased to 106,000, from the 148,000 at the end of May. And in after hours today today, June 23, 2008 the shares hit $51.

NTI had a low to high range between $8 and $15 during the last few weeks of May. During that time, short interest increased to 26,000 shares from 3,000, an increase of 767%.
NTI had a low to high range between $13.50 and $20.85 during the first few weeks of June. During that time, short interest increased to 78,000, from the 26,000 at the end of May, an increase of 200%. And today today, June 23, 2008 the stock closed at $16.99.

Some Observations:

1) All three stocks made initial moves and attracted a higher short interest after the initial moves.

2) In the case of PDO and MXC, after that initial move and increase in short interest, an event (press release or earnings release or just a strong upward move) launched them to even higher highs seemingly setting off a short squeeze to the lofty levels they have remained.

In NTI's case they seem to be at the launching point prior to the event - meaning, that in my opinion, with news or a catalyst (or just a strong upward move) it could be launched into the same patterns as PDO and MXC.

3) Even after the event and the corresponding move to higher highs, short interest remained at a level fairly higher than when this entire sequence began.

4) If PDO and MXC are the result of a short squeeze then does it only take 100k-200k short shares or approximately 5-30% of the outstanding float short on a stock to cause these squeezes? Or are there large amounts of "naked shorts"Read More Here that are not accounted for in the Nasdaq short interest numbers?

These are comments about stocks I am interested in and are to document my thoughts only. This should not be considered investment advice. See Disclaimer at bottom of the blog.

Bioplastics Sources

While many bioplastics are made from corn, companies like MBLX and NTI are looking into and using other inputs to develop these biodegradable plastics.

The worldwide plastics market is about $4 billion, Lynch said. Currently, bioplastics captures less than 1% of that market. But that portion of the market has been growing at a rate of 50% per year, Lynch said, and he estimated that the bioplastics could account for $30 billion by 2015. "The market growth is tremendous. There are a lot of customers who want to change over," Dalal said.
The company's plastic is made mostly from corn, but it also uses non-food plant materials. Company officials would not specify which non-food plant source it uses.
"If you look at the market today, corn is right now the dominant feedstock because it is more readily available, but research and development is looking at non-food sources," Vineet Dalal, vice president and director global market development for the company, said in an interview. "I think you'll see a lot of that in the future. Our
biodegradable cutlery is made from a non-food based sources." Read More Here

NTI - India - Hotels, hospitals and leather units are among our key users,” a source said. Since resin availability could prove to be a limiting factor in the long run, the company is exploring the possibility of manufacturing the base resins from different feedstocks, sources added. Read More Here

MBLX - ยบ Biology and Genetic Engineering. For our fermentation system, we have
modified bacteria by inserting specific genes into the bacteria to
biologically convert sugar into PHA Natural Plastics all within the
bacteria itself. In our switchgrass program, we are modifying certain
plants, such as switchgrass, to produce and aggregate PHA Natural
Plastics within the leaves and stems which we can harvest. Continued
developments in genetic engineering and transferring to new plants or
production processes are important for our success. Read More Here

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Week Ahead - Core Focus Stocks

1)As oil prices spike up, so does the cost of plastic materials, virtually all of which are petroleum-based. In addition, consumer groups and environmentalists around the world are in an uproar over the billions of tons of plastic waste that get dumped at sea or buried in landfills and over the health effects of related toxins. Almost 30million tons a year of plastic solid waste is dumped into the U.S., and about 5% is recycled. These trends fuel demand for novel bioplastics that aren't linked to pricey fossil fuels and don't harm the environment. Peoples says the stock market hasn't recognized these forces Read More Here

Well has recognized these forces and I expect these two stock to do great things:

NTI - Plastic Waste to Oil Technology and Bioplastics - All the makings of a super stock and my personal belief is this will eventually make a PDO APWR EFUT type move.

MBLX - Bioplastics - Backed by ADM and has some great patents. Should be a leader in the field and a great stock.

2) TAYD - May take a week, month, or year.....but I cannot see how demand for these products wouldn't skyrocket and believe I am sitting on an unrecognized super stock. It is my belief this stock will eventually get big respect once it gets much needed exposure. It did .12 EPS last quarter and it is undervalued to me on that alone. Now if product demand increases like I believe it will then this stock should be a top performer for me.

On his third visit to the quake zone, Premier Wen Jiabao vowed to make schools and hospitals the "sturdiest, safest and securest" buildings, and said close attention must be paid to safety during construction Read More Here

3) HPJ - Watch List - Profiled this 700k float IPO the night before it opened. In my opinion it opened too high (priced at $3.25 opened in $7's) to chase. Question in my mind is if this is another RCH or another TYM (same investment bankers). Would have to pullback before I will revisit it.

4) GBR - Watch List - This Company has an ultra small float of 520k See Bloomberg and they recently sold some assets, changed their name to New Concept Energy and announced its intention to acquire rights and develop shale sourced natural gas in areas including the Fayetteville Shale area of Arkansas. Read More Here If oil and gas is still hot and this Company buys some oil/gas properties, in my opinion it will be quite a mover.

5) HEK - Another acquisition last week and positioning itself as a great player in China's bottled water market. What's not to like?
China Water and Drinks Inc. Acquires Majority Stake in Guangzhou Grand Canyon Distilled Water Co., Ltd. For $19.1 million
Tuesday June 17, 8:30 am ET
-- Further Expands Geographic Footprint and Product Offering
-- Expects Acquisition to be Accretive to Full Year 2008 Results Read More here

6) HDSN - Next quarter's earnings should bring this Company great exposure. Will research this more soon.

7) CSY - EPS numbers are fantastic, margins are incredible. Stock just moved over from the OTCBB to the AMEX and the exposure should do it well. Stock took a dip I believe because the CFO left (which you don't like to see in Chinese companies but it happens to many companies). Everything I read about the Company sounds exciting. Barring any unknown occurrences, EPS usually speaks loudly in time.
China Sky One Medical, Inc. Obtains SFDA Approval to Produce Four New Drugs
Wednesday June 18, 8:00 am ET Read More Here

8) AETI - I like this stock as they serve the wind/oil/gas markets. I just think we need to see more news from the Company to give it exposure.
AETI Enters Wind Energy Market, Uncovers Power Infrastructure Risks
Monday June 2, 11:00 am ET
Company Announces Plans to Address Power Reliability Concerns Read More Here

These are comments about stocks I like and are to document my thoughts only. This should not be considered investment advice. See Disclaimer at bottom of the blog.

More on the Upcoming Water IPO

I have been writing about the upcoming water IPO, Energy Recovery (ERII).
Blog Post 1
Blog Post 2

It appears the Company will sell 14m shares of stock between $7-$9 the week of June 30Read More Here

Here are my recent thoughts. What the Company does and the industry they are in makes it an extremely exciting IPO to me. My simple understanding is this :The products help reduce the energy used in converting seawater to drinking water. This Company gets a "That's Hot" on the IPO Industry check.

Another exercise I like to do is look at the EPS the Company has reported the last fiscal year, and see what that EPS would look like when you dilute it with the IPO shares that are coming public. (Of course you need to factor in growth going forward if it is a growth industry, which you would think this is).

For the fiscal year ended 12/31/2007, the Company reported net income of approximately $5.8m on 41.4m diluted shares outstanding, or .14 EPS. The Company will have approximately 48m shares outstanding after the IPO. So that 2007 EPS would be approximately .12 if you use the pro forma share count including the IPO. Read More Here

On a historical EPS basis, it seems to me the Company is getting a generous pricing with the $7-$9 range. So on a pure valuation basis that is one of the angles I look at. Other determining factors include future growth and sector attractiveness. Some stocks in the past have become the proxy for a hot sector and get higher P/E's for anticipated future growth or because there simply aren't that many stocks in the sector. (Like many solar/wind IPO's when those stocks first appeared the last few years).

So my conclusion at this point is this is a hot IPO on a sector basis and considering the scarcity of stocks currently available in this industry. Based on a pure valuation basis this would not be one that I really want to chase. I am sure this IPO will get strong attention as many say water scarcity is the next oil. Honestly, the biggest factor in making my decision when/if I buy will now be based on where it opens.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Am Not A Role Model

I am not a role model
I am not paid to be a role model
I am paid when my stock picks raise havoc on the trading exchanges
Those that want to be teachers should be role models
Just because I pounded the table on PDO at $5, doesn't mean I should tell you your entries and exits

There are many great traders out there in internet land that are currently teaching others. Many have great systems that work and great styles and much can be learned. Some will go through great means to document their exact trades. Stock picking contests, websites where you can track your trades, blog by blog accounts of every exact trading move. I think that is great for those who choose to do that and there are many people and systems that I can personally learn from. (Lionmaster and many traders from, blacksheep and elguapo from Stocks for a Different Jungle at, Tim Sykes, themarketkid, nostradamus, and many more... all on my Blog Links)

That being said, I do not consider myself to be anything more than a guy that does great research and over time comes up with stock ideas that can potentially produce big percentage moves. I aim to be consistent in that one area. I am not about day trading because I have to make money everyday (that mindset is dangerous in my opinion). When I find a great stock I will post endless research on it. When there isn't anything interesting out there I will wait for the next stock that meets my criteria. One week I may have 5 new stocks I enter, the next week I may have none. But my stocks tend to play out over time anyway so I always have something to research.

Lastly, many have messaged me asking me to document:
- The date and time I bought a stock
- The cost of every buy
- How many shares I bought
- The date and time I sell a stock get the point

While I will do my best to provide whatever information I can, (and I am open to your suggestions to make this blog a great reading stop for stocks) please understand:
I am trying to do one thing and one thing only: Find stocks that can make healthy percentage moves in time. I don't have time to enter contests or focus on documenting every tick of every trade during the day. I do tons of research, post on my favorite message board (, help moderate that board, moderate a chat room, and blog here. I am not selling anything. (I don't even have ads on my blog right now).
I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. (However, I am considering getting my results audited.) I simply want to find stocks that can make big percentage moves. (20% to 683% - PDO)

No one ever told me when to buy and sell stocks. I learned the hard way. By making mistakes. I do think that two principles are great for me:
1) Sell some stock when you are up...manage the rest accordingly if you believe the stock has more
2) Use mental or real stops to limit losses
Every trade is a case by case basis and I may change my mind on the drop of a dime

I will make every attempt to post as much information about my trades. But consider me an idea man. Hopefully an idea man that consistently produces stocks like EFUT PDO APWR etc.....ideas that can lead to big profits if they are managed correctly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

You can now email me questions/comments at:

PDO - Sick has hit 683% gain from my first buy 44 days ago,,,,,of course I only made like 400%+....

Next PDO APWR type mover in my opinion is NTI - even though it went up 138% from my first buy, I will now add on dips as I believe this has the potential to be a super monster along the lines of PDO and APWR. I look forward to hearing updates on the company's Waste Plastic to Oil division (along with the biodegradable plastics) which I believe will catapult it to the ranks of the supermonsters. IBD ratings are looking super here as well and that is another wild card for them. Moving to the NASDAQ was a smart move to get the Company visibility. I am hoping they did that because they have a story to tell.
(not a buy recommendation or advice, documenting what I will do)

TAYD is another one.....I am patient....cannot see how demand for these products doesn't take off in the future

HEK MBLX CSY HDSN still like and think will play out in time

ESIC - popped 23% after first buy, took half off , stopped out of rest today. Will keep on watch.

AETI - some news please? Will hang in there because I like the industries and think this will play out in future

VSNT - stopped out , will keep on watch to revisit

Many of my stocks take time to play out but the ones that do win tend to be super winners


Opened too high ($7-$8) for my liking. Will pass, see if it has big pullback. Won't chase it here.

Water IPO Update

Energy Recovery discloses expected IPO terms
06.18.08, 3:22 PM ET


Energy Recovery Inc., which develops devices used to make water desalination more efficient, disclosed the terms of its planned initial public offering in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Wednesday.

Energy Recovery expects the IPO to total 14 million shares and price between $7 and $9 apiece. The company is selling 8.1 million of the shares and a group of stockholders is offering the remaining 5.9 million shares.

Read More Here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New IPO on the way 700k Share Offering

I believe the symbol will be HPJ.
Offering Price $3.25
From the same bankers that brought us KUN, RCH, TYM, with similar share structure.

Year ended December 2007 - approximately $73m revenue $1.7m Net Income
Quarter ended March 2008 - approximately $18m revenue $0.7m Net Income
Read More Here
S-1/A Filing

We specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (“Ni-MH”) batteries and related products primarily in China. Our batteries are used in a variety of electronic devices, including:

personal portable electronic devices, such as digital cameras, DVD players, electric razors and electric toothbrushes;

electric toys, such as radio-controlled cars;

industrial applications, such as industrial lighting, medical devices and communications equipment;

power tools; and electric bikes.

Additionally, we are in the production stage of manufacturing a line of rechargeable Lithium-ion (“Li-ion”) batteries by producing samples for potential customers. Our manufacturing and products development facilities are located in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), which enables us to produce cost-effective products and increases our competitiveness in the rechargeable battery market. Most of our products are distributed worldwide to markets in Europe, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and emerging markets, such as India, Latin America and Russia.

Oops! Bashers Did it Again!

Thanks for the introduction Britney:

PDO hit $32.65 today and is now up an astounding 630% from my first buy 43 days ago at $4.47.

APWR hit $30.90 today and is now up 117% from my first buy at $14.25 on January 28, 2008. (just shy of 5 months time frame)

I did not hold these stocks until the end, but made approximately $20 per share average on my PDO shares and approximately $8 average on my APWR shares.

Here is what happened with both of these stocks:

1) I called them at a nice low entry
2) They had a nice inital nice pop
3) They had a pullback after the initial pop (PDO was around $7-$8 and APWR $15)
At the time of the first pullback - stock bashers and shorters came out of the woodwork saying many things that I could not substantiate with fact ie.
These companies are POS
These companies are scams
Insiders will dump
Funds will sell
Earnings will be terrible
Funds are shorting them
and on and know the usual fearmongering by short bashers
4) They both went on to make a mockery of these bash attempts.

What do I learn?

First of all let me state in disclaimer form, I am far from being even close to 100% accurate in what I say about stocks. I have had many winners and many losers through the years. There have been many times that I have called stocks and they didnt work out like these two.

That being said, if I believe in the facts of a story (SEC filings, industry articles, studies, etc.) and what I consider to be a legitimate company , I will not be swayed or intimidated in the least by these stock bashers that attempt to bash/defame companies without providing any factual basis for their statements. Just as pump and dumpers are wrong for using false and misleading information to pump up a stock, stock bashers are equally guilty for using false and misleading information to attempt to pump a stock down.

The best shorters are the ones that can time legitimate pullbacks in these type of stocks and that don't stay short too long and overstay their welcome. Many people do that and make good money. The only reason they give is the stock is overbought and technically will pullback.

I agree some companies are sketchy at best , but I reject the notion that they all are. Some companies are the next great growth stocks, but I also reject the notion that they all are. I try to keep it balanced as much as I can.

Do I see any stocks that I think could be future Basher Monsters?
In my opinion only, (not a buy recommendation or advice)
My candidates are:
1) NTI
3) HEK (may be after the acquisition closes)

CSY News

China Sky One Medical, Inc. Obtains SFDA Approval to Produce Four New Drugs
Wednesday June 18, 8:00 am ET

HARBIN, China, June 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China Sky One Medical, Inc. (Amex: CSY - News; ''China Sky One'' or ''the Company''), a China-based manufacturer, marketer and distributor of pharmaceutical, medicinal and diagnostic kit products, announced today that it has obtained approval from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in the People's Republic of China for four new drugs: Tobramycin Eye Drops, Compound Zinc Sulfate Eye Drops, Ofloxacin Suppositories and Ofloxacin Gels.

Tobramycin Eye Drops have been approved for the treatment of acute infection on eyelids. Compound Zinc Sulfate Eye Drops have been approved for the treatment of acute and chronic conjunctivitis and trachoma. Ofloxacin Suppositories have been approved for the treatment for bactericidal colpitis, and Ofloxacin Gels have been approved for the treatment for bactericidal injection. The Company estimates the size of the each market at approximately $ 2 million USD to $2.4 million USD

The new approvals bring the total number of China Sky One's externally used products to 53 and its total marketed products to 102, giving the Company one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical product portfolios in China. China Sky One is still aggressively seeking approval for other drugs with large market potential. By the end of 2008, the Company will have a total 34 new drugs submitted to the SFDA for approval.

''These four products in China have an extensive market and China Sky One expects to be able to quickly launch them and expand market share through our extensive sales network and experienced management team,'' said Mr. Yan-qing Liu, Chairman, CEO and President of China Sky One Medical, Inc. ''Going forward, we are optimistic that these new drugs will provide steady revenues for China Sky One and improve our profitability.''

About China Sky One Medical, Inc.

China Sky One Medical, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a China based company engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medicinal and diagnostic kit products. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Company and Harbin First Bio-Engineering Company Limited the Company manufactures and distributes over-the-counter pharmaceutical products as its primary revenue source. For more information, visit .

Safe Harbor Statement

Certain statements made in the press release constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "believe," "expect," "may," "will," "should," "project," "plan," "seek," "intend," or "anticipate" or the negative thereof or comparable terminology. Additional statements that are necessarily forward looking in nature also include, without limitation, statements relating to our research and development activities, expected revenues or sales margins, results of recent acquisitions and our ability to increase sales and expand our presence in the global market place, and risks or uncertainties relating to PRC socioeconomic issues. Such statements typically involve risks and uncertainties and may include financial projections or information regarding our future plans, objectives or performance. The Company cannot provide any assurance that it will be able to establish listing of its securities on any national or regional securities exchange or market system. Actual results could differ materially from the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements as a result of a variety of factors, including the inability of the company to meet listing standards of an exchange, risks associated with the effect of changing economic conditions in The People's Republic of China, variations in cash flow, reliance on collaborative retail partners both in China and throughout the world and on new product development, variations in new product development, risks associated with rapid technological change, and the potential of introduced or undetected flaws and defects in products, and other risk factors detailed in reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time.

Read More Here

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TAYD - Article of Interest

Results presented in this article indicate that
the main danger for humanity on Earth may
come not from a slow climate change, but
from the rapidly increasing seismic/tectonic

Read More here

NTI - More HomeWork

NTI has 48 employees per yahoo Read More here. How can they manufacture with only 48 employees? It is called "outsourcing" or "contract manufacturing". In my opinion, this is a great strategy for a Company like this. They can meet customer demand without investing in all the overhead and the fixed and absorbed costs that come with your own manufacturing facilities. Especially with a network of independent distributors, manufacturers' representatives and joint ventures in over 50 countries.

Is NTI biodegradable plastic or Plastic Waste to Oil technology unique?
1) Biodegradable plastics business - There will be many players. But it will be a huge market. Could approach 30 billion by 2015 Read More Here

Here is what the Company says:
Patents andtrade secrets allow NTIC to produce biodegradable (compostable) plastic products with better performance properties in comparison to competitive products
currently available in the market, and at a significantly lower price. NTIC's
products include totally biodegradable compost bags, agricultural film and other
products intended for single-use disposable packaging applications.
Link to SEC Filing

Unlike the competing plastic products claiming to be 'degradable' or 'oxo-degradable' that only break down into smaller plastic fragments, Natur-Tec products will completely biodegrade within 180 days in accordance with the ASTM D6400 standard for compostable plastics and are certified 100 percent biodegradable and compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Read More here

My Conclusion : Potential for Huge Market Size - With NTI's Share structure - even moderate profitable success will impact EPS

2) Plastic Waste to Oil Technology - There are other Companies on the internet that claim to have or be working on this technology. NTI's Polymer Energy technology has been proven and awarded in Europe and according to the Company has been placed in India and Thailand. Read More About it here

My Conclusion : Potential for Huge Market Size - With NTI's Share structure - even moderate profitable success will impact EPS

I see NTI as a renewable energy source company with these new divisions. One only has to look at the solar and wind sectors to see how high P/E ratio's can get for profitable renewable energy sources....I can find examples of P/E ratios from 30 to 100 for these type companies

Is there institutional ownership? The Company addressed this in the press release today as part of the rationale to move to the NASDAQ. "Northern Technologies' move to the NASDAQ will not only enhance trading liquidity in our shares and provide greater exposure to institutional investors, but also offer a better vehicle to promote company growth and reach out to shareholders," said G. Patrick Lynch, NTIC's chief executive officer. Read More Here

NTI to Nasdaq - "Promote Growth"

Promote Company Growth and Greater Exposure to Institutional Investors

Northern Technologies' move to the NASDAQ will not only enhance trading liquidity in our shares and provide greater exposure to institutional investors, but also offer a better vehicle to promote company growth and reach out to shareholders," said G. Patrick Lynch, NTIC's chief executive officer.

"Our move to the NASDAQ was a logical step, reached after careful consideration of capital market alternatives and an analysis of the electronic market model, which offered increased visibility to our investors," explained Lynch. Read More Here

NTI Moving to NASDAQ - Great News

On June 17, 2008, the Board of Directors of Northern Technologies International Corporation (“NTI”) determined to cause the listing of NTI’s common stock to be withdrawn from The American Stock Exchange in order to transfer its listing to The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC. NTI provided The American Stock Exchange the required written notice of NTI’s intention to withdraw the listing of its common stock from The American Stock Exchange on June 17, 2008.

NTI expects that its common stock will begin trading on The NASDAQ Global Market under it the new symbol “NTIC” on or about June 30, 2008. NTI’s common stock will continue to trade on The American Stock Exchange under the symbol NTI until such date.

Read More Here

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Comments on Focus Stocks

ESIC - They reported .17 EPS today. Included in that number was a $4.4m tax benefit. Total revenue for the third quarter was $23.6 million with a gross profit margin of 71.6%. Read Here
If my calculations are correct, excluding the tax benefit, they did approximately .07 eps with strong revenue growth and gross margins. I would be interested in what the IBD ratings go to after this report as well. I first bought ESIC at $3.20 on 6/10/2008 - on 6/12/2008 it hit $3.95 or 23% gain in two days. Will manage the remaining shares accordingly depending on how stock reacts with a mental stop somewhere near my original buy.

CSY - First bought at $13.95 on 6/10/2008 - on 6/11/2008 it hit $17.10 or 23% gain in one day. The forecast is for $1.75 EPS this year. Friday after the close the Company announced the CFO was leaving for personal reasons. Read Here (Which I admit not the greatest thing to see in a Chinese Company - but it could have been for health reasons for all we know). I believe that is why the stock sold off today but it rebounded off the lows to close at $14.30. On a bright, note the Company was added to the Russell 3000 Index. See Here CSY has interesting products, great numbers and guidance. Going to stick with some unless I see a reason not to. (which would be continued weakness under $14)

APWR & Why Stock Bashers Are Irrelevant

APWR is a stock I first bought in January 24, 2008 for approximately $14.25 (my first entry). I bought the stock because I was excited about the Company's news detailing its entry into wind turbine manufacturing in China.

On February 20, 2008 the stock hit $19.50, for an approximate 37% rise from my original entry. Prior to and during this peak in the 19's, the stock was berated by many stock bashers. One or two of them really were just sincerely challenging the research and estimates based on what was known and it challenged me to do thorough research on every stock I am in (because if I don't, stock bashers will). Other things I read bashing the Company however, were claims that were more opinion, or items I had a difficult time substantiating with fact or documents. (Or to put plainly, I thought they were BS)

The stock eventually pulled back (this can happen after a big run up), and bashers celebrated. Today, June 16, 2008, APWR (after releasing some earnings and doing some presentations along the way) closed at $26.38, approximately 85% higher than my original entry. Did I hold it for 85% gain? No, I sold way too early.

What I learned from this is:

1) Stocks will always have pullbacks. These pullbacks are many times technical and healthy and do not at all necessarily substantiate basher nonsense.

2) Just because I have an excellent stock find, it doesnt mean profits are a layup - If I have a great idea I have to balance sticking with it and managing entries and exits, because stocks can and will pull back after initial run-ups. (Selling half when I am up never hurts).

3) Stock bashers who post unsubstantiated claims against a stock are irrelevant.

When Do I Exit Stocks?

I always try to take half or some shares off when I have some profit and if I believe in the stock, let the rest run further. I always also use mental stop limits, at which time I would exit and minimize any losses. I do not like to set price targets unless I can support them by P/E in some way or by comparison to another stock.

I just created this blog so I can "freely" and endlessly (if I so choose) post stock ideas that I believe will go higher (or lower for shorts) and the reason I believe that. I personally believe this is my strength, researching and finding stocks that can make decent moves.

Once I have a great idea and it works, then the next step is for me to manage my entries and exits in a way that maximizes profits. Do I do that perfectly on every trade? No way. However, as I mentioned, I find that with two simple rules I do my best entry/exit management - 1) Taking some off the table when you have profit and 2) Using mental stop losses to limit any losses. How I apply those rules will vary on a case by case basis for each stock I am in.

I am not an Investment Advisor or a Teacher, I simply love the challenge of research and finding great stocks that I believe can move.

Some more digging on NTI

As I have previously written, I am excited about NTI. The Company is already profitable with .18 eps last quarter and .35 eps for the first 6 months of this year. Read More Here Trailing 12 month eps is .84 See EPS As of today NTI has an excellent IBD EPS rating of 94 and an RS rating of 98. The Company has a small public float of approximately 2.6m shares and outstanding share count of approximately 3.7m per Bloomberg. Bloomberg Link

The last quarter they just reported .18 EPS in was the second quarter of 2008.
Last year in 2007, Q3 and Q4 were much higher quarters for EPS than Q2 was. See 2007 EPS

Sales have been and will be down year over year as they lost a customer for a corrosion print product, however, according to this earnings release, that one customer had limited impact on net income and will not have a material effect on it - earnings grew an impressive 47% last quarter. (second quarter earnings of $659,690, or $0.18 per diluted common share, for the three-month fiscal period ended February 29, 2008, an increase of 47 percent over the $448,203, or $0.12 per diluted common share reported in the comparable period in fiscal 2007). The Company stated they intend to grow sales through several new initiatives: 100% Biodegradable plastic and Plastic Waste to Oil technology, along with seeking continued growth in the corrosion business. Read More here

I am eager to see how the Company's Polymer Energy (Plastic Waste to Oil) and Natur-Tec (100% biodegradable plastics) divisions play out given their network of independent distributors, manufacturers' representatives and joint ventures in over 50 countries. With such a low share structure, I personally can see how any profitable ramp up in these new businesses, along with any profitable growth in the core corosion business, could have an impact on an already profitable bottom line.

I found some articles I didnt previously notice. One talks about the India joint venture for the Plastic Waste to Oil process as well as the intention of selling biodegradable plastics in India (with hospitals and hotels included as customers). The other one talks about the Thai Plastics waste to oil venture in that it mentions they hope the machine will arrive in June and be producing in July. I personally believe they are in a sweet spot with these two solutions for the environmental/oil use issues from plastic that have been in the news frequently as of late. They do have a joint venture in China and it is my personal opinion this technology would be a great fit for China as that country has taken several initiatives to deal with plastic waste lately.

India Article

Thai Article

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time to Revisit SNT ?

I would not chase this stock, but it did approach a level on Friday that it peaked at the last time I called it. I find the agriculture side of SNT's business extremely fascinating and relevant given today's food situation. That being said I am eager to hear about any updates and/or progress on this side of the business. (Recently, the Company has been more focused on drug development - as the agriculture products are in trials with some large companies who are controlling the trials). My original entry was at $1.30 on 4/11/2008 and 11 days later it hit $1.95 for a 50% move. It subsequently sold off to the low $1's. On Friday the stock moved back to $1.91 for a 23% one day move. So I thought it would be prudent to at least review the research that had me interested in SNT in the first place and keep it on watch for further news/strength. I picked up a few shares on Friday towards the end of the day out of curiosity, knowing full well this could be a one day wonder and may be pushed down again. Otherwise, maybe it is starting getting noticed for that agriculture potential as I originally thought. Time will tell and I will watch it.

SNT Float 13.3m O/s 18.2m Bloomberg
Highlights from their website and yahoo:
Company Website
Impressive deals in place: (sample from website)

Bayer CropScience
In November 2006 we entered into an exclusive worldwide license with Bayer CropScience to commercialize our technology in Brassica oilseeds. Bayer is using the Senesco technology to enhance the yield of canola. In 2007 Bayer CropScience signed two additional licenses to commercialize our technology in Cotton and Rice.

In August 2007 we entered into an exclusive worldwide license with Monsanto to commercialize our technology in Corn and Soy. Monsanto aims to incorporate our technology into their product lines in order to enhance yield.

Cal/West Seeds
In September 2002, we entered into an exclusive development and license agreement, with Cal/West Seeds to commercialize our technology in certain varieties of alfalfa. Cal/West is the largest member-owned seed production cooperative in the United States. Alfalfa is the fourth largest crop grown in North America. Cal/West is attempting to enhance their position in the forage seed industry by enhancing seed yield, biomass and resistance to environmental stress.

In October, 2004, we entered into a license agreement with Poet, LLC to license our proprietary gene technology to Poet to improve aspects of Poet’s ethanol production capabilities. We will receive an annual payment for each Poet facility that incorporates our technology.


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- Senesco Technologies, Inc. ("Senesco" or the "Company") (AMEX:SNT) announced today that the Company's proprietary Factor 5A gene technology has a positive effect on plants grown in soil with low nutrient levels and in the absence of commercial fertilizer. The Senesco plants exhibited nearly three times the seed yield of unenhanced control plants under these conditions.

The Company tested its technology in Arabidopsis plants, a commonly used test plant which is closely related to the oilseed-bearing canola plant. Both Senesco's plants and the control plants were grown in low-nutrient soil with no added commercial...

Read More here
Read More here

Senesco has shown that its Factor 5A technology confers resistance to common bacterial and fungal plant diseases by preventing the induction of premature death caused by pathogens. Tests conducted both in-house and in conjunction with Senesco's lettuce development partner, the Harris Moran Seed Company, show that the development of disease symptoms caused by both fungal and bacterial pathogens is inhibited by up to 99% in plants incorporating Senesco's proprietary Factor 5A gene technology.

Read More Here

Senesco Technologies, Inc. develops technology that regulates the onset of cell death in plants. The company's technology is used to develop strains of crops without any modification other than delaying natural plant senescence
The company develops its technologies for the commercial agriculture industry, including extending the shelf life of perishable plant products, producing larger and leafier crops, increasing crop yields, and reducing the harmful effects of environmental stresses, such as drought.
One of the main advantages of our patent pending genetic technologies is their broad applicability. Our technology has shown the ability to enhance a wide variety of crops, which could be implemented by multiple licensing partners on a worldwide scale. We have already made progress to this end with our existing commercial relationships.
We are developing our technologies to address multiple opportunities within the global commercial agriculture industry, including extending the shelf life of perishable plant products, producing larger and leafier crops, increasing crop yields and reducing the harmful effects of environmental stresses, like drought.

Throughout the course of a plant’s life there are periods of productive growth and periods of dormancy. This dormancy is often in response to stresses on the plant such as diseases, pests and environmental factors. To ensure maximum productivity, commercial agriculture attempts to minimize the inefficiencies caused by these stresses. Our technology has proven useful at doing just that.

Our research has yielded substantial data to prove our theory that our patented and patent pending genes act at a critical point in the process of cell death. We have shown that by modulating the expression of these genes we can increase plant size, increase seed yield, increase shelf life of perishable produce, increase growth rates and reduce the harmful effects of a wide variety of environmental stresses.
Other technologies have been used to attempt to make commercial agriculture more efficient through biotechnology. We believe that our technology has the following inherent competitive advantages over other technologies:

• our genes are present in all plants, meaning there is no addition of foreign genetic material necessary to implement our technology;

• the activity of our technology is focused at the critical point after ripening but before senescence, meaning that taste, texture and other consumer traits which have been negatively affected by competing technologies will not be affected by the use of our technology;

• using our technology leads to a wide variety of beneficial traits;

• our technology is incorporated at the seed level, thereby avoiding the use of chemical applications to the final product, which will benefit the growers and consumers.
Shelf Life
Use of our technology has proven to be effective in extending the shelf life of perishable produce by delaying senescence. Use of our technology in carnation flowers and tomato fruit show the direct impact of reducing natural senescence, which allows the product to have a much longer viable shelf life.
Increased Biomass/Growth Rates
Overall plant size is an important trait in many commercial crops. Plants with larger leaves could be beneficial in all leafy vegetables, while trees that grow larger would certainly be more productive for the lumber and paper industries. Larger root systems allow plants to be more effective at nutrient and water uptake from the soil, thereby adding to their overall productivity.
Resistance to Environment Stress
Environmental stresses are the greatest threat to commercial agriculture. Chilling, drought, heat and soil salinity all contribute worldwide to losses of crops in the field. There is not a single crop that is immune to the negative effects of various environmental conditions. These stresses contribute directly to the kickstarting of senescence. As we have reinforced throughout our discussion of our technology, we believe that we can impart a great deal of resistance to the senescence brought about by these harmful environmental conditions.
Senesco licenses its technology to agricultural companies.

Finally An Exciting Water IPO

Keep in mind, I dont know exactly when this will IPO, but they filed in April 2008. One article said it will be second half 2008.

Desalination component manufacturer Energy Recovery files for IPO

Energy Recovery, a developer and manufacturer of energy recovery devices utilized in the water desalination industry, filed with the SEC for an IPO on Tuesday. The California-based company booked $35 million in revenue in 2007 and will apply to list its shares on the NASDAQ under the ticker ERII. Citi and Credit Suisse are the lead underwriters on the deal.
Read More Here

Energy Recovery Inc. Home Page

What are the financial results of Energy Recovery IPO?
ERI last year saw $5.8 million in net income on $35.4 million in revenue, up from net income of $894,000 on revenue of $10.7 million in 2005. Between 2003 and 2007 the company saw an annual compound growth rate of 72 percent in revenue, according to its prospectus, largely due to growth in the SWRO market and ERI's increased penetration.
Read More Here

Some Highlights from the Company's S-1 filing Read S-1 Filing Here

We are a leading global developer and manufacturer of highly efficient energy recovery devices utilized in the rapidly growing water desalination industry. We operate primarily in the sea water reverse osmosis, or SWRO, segment of the industry. In the SWRO process, high pressure is used to drive sea water through filtering membranes to produce fresh water. Energy recovery devices have increased the cost-competitiveness of SWRO desalination compared to other means of fresh water supply and have enabled the ongoing rapid growth of the SWRO segment of the desalination industry worldwide. Our primary product, the PX Pressure Exchanger, or PX, helps optimize the energy intensive SWRO process by recapturing and recycling up to 98% of the energy in the high pressure reject stream, thereby reducing SWRO energy consumption by an estimated 60% as compared to the same process without any energy recovery devices.

The demand for fresh water continues to grow, driven by the need for drinking water to satisfy the world’s growing population, changing weather patterns, an increasing need for water for agriculture and industry and the concentration of populations in urban areas that lack sufficient fresh water resources. The United Nations Population Fund expects the global consumption of water to double every 20 years. A study conducted by the International Water Management Institute projects that by 2025, 33% of the population of the developing world will face severe water shortages. The uneven geographic distribution of fresh water supplies compounds this problem.

The two basic processes used to desalinate sea water are thermal, or distillation, and more recently, SWRO. The most significant operating cost component for either process is energy consumption. Thermal desalination technology is highly energy inefficient and is mainly used in the Middle East where energy costs are low. Until approximately 15 years ago SWRO was also energy inefficient, in part because of the loss of energy associated with the high-pressure reject stream. Today, however, the energy cost of the SWRO process is 50% less than that of the traditional thermal desalination process due to the incorporation of energy recovery devices, including our PX device, and improved membranes.

The significant reduction in operating costs related to energy has made the SWRO desalination industry in which we compete the fastest growing segment of the desalination industry. According to Global Water Intelligence, or GWI, due to the use of SWRO technology, the cost of producing a cubic meter of fresh water from sea water, which averaged approximately $10 per cubic meter in the mid-1960’s, had dropped to as low as $0.46 per cubic meter by 2005. As a result, the share of total new contracted sea water desalination capacity using SWRO has increased from 42% in 1999 to approximately 71% in 2006.

Desalination has become an economically attractive alternative in many coastal regions or other locations near a salt water source where fresh water sources are becoming increasingly stressed. According to the February/March 2008 issue of International Desalination & Water Reuse Quarterly, there are approximately 14,000 desalination plants worldwide. GWI estimates that as of December 31, 2005, there were 39.9 million cubic meters per day of installed capacity, and that the growth in the market for new total desalination capacity should increase by approximately 13% per year from 2005 to 2015. We expect SWRO’s share of new total desalination capacity to grow in excess of the overall industry growth rate, particularly due to higher energy costs experienced over the past few years.

We are active in the fastest growing markets for desalination, which include China, Algeria, Australia and India. According to GWI projections, these markets are expected to grow at least 20% per year from 2005 to 2015. Other significant markets include the Middle East, North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Additionally, our PX device is currently specified in the pilot test facility for the proposed Carlsbad, California plant, which, if constructed, is expected to be the largest SWRO plant then operating in the United States. We understand that the proposed Carlsbad, California desalination plant is in the final stages of its permit procurement process and construction is expected to begin once all permits have been obtained.


Can a water stock weather the IPO dry spell?
Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:41am IST

By Steven Bertoni

NEW YORK, April 11 (Reuters) - Energy Recovery Inc, a water purification equipment maker, has filed to go public, and the issue could see solid demand since it gives certain niche investors a new asset to chase and the company looks insulated from an economic downturn.
Read More Here

Desalination company Energy Recovery Inc. plans IPO
East Bay Business Times - by Mavis Scanlon

Looking to capitalize on the world's ever-increasing thirst for fresh water, desalination equipment supplier Energy Recovery Inc. last month filed to raise as much as $175 million in an initial public offering to expand its business in a fast-growing segment of the global water desalination industry.
Read More here

Energy Recovery Registers for IPO
Tuesday April 1, 9:56 am ET
Energy Recovery, Which Makes Devices for Water Desalination Efficiency, Registers for IPO

Read More here

Water woes: Scarcity points to big opportunities in desalination
water costs
Read More Here

Friday, June 13, 2008

super-trades two new winners this week

This week, as super-trade blog readers know, I have bought two new stocks :

CSY - First bought at $13.95 on 6/10/2008 - on 6/11/2008 it hit $17.10 or 23% gain in one day. The forecast is for $1.75 EPS this year and I think the party is just starting here for me.

ESIC - First bought at $3.20 on 6/10/2008 - on 6/12/2008 it hit $3.95 or 23% gain in two days. The Company is scheduled to report earnings on Monday, June 16th. I find it is always risky to hold any stock into earnings. If I do , I must be prepared for the worst case scenario (terrible earnings and/or guidance and stock tanks). I also find it is always best to take some profit off when I am up. That being said, the comps for this quarter look easier given the company's guidance from the last earnings press release.

Funny Tim Sykes Video

Even though I may have to call Tim Sykes out because I believe I gave him the idea for this video with my rant below, this Tim Sykes video is funny stuff.

Watch Tim Sykes Video

My Original Skit:

A Few Good Longs

Shorts, we live in a world that has longs and those longs need to be guarded by men who post messages. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Short Maggot? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for your account and curse the short squeezes; you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that TASR shorts� death, while tragic, probably saved lives and that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.
You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like �HUGE NEWS�, �SUPERMONSTER�, �THE NEXT EFUT�. We use then as the backbone of a life trying to defend something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very shorting opportunity I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said "thank you," and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a long position and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stock Bashers - Could This Happen To You?????

From 2004 - Denver Boot manufacturer boots online basher
CNY Business Journal (1996+), Jul 30, 2004 by Dickinson, Casey J

SYRACUSE - Internet flame wars don't typically carry into the courtroom, but a Syracuse daytrader stands to lose his home after a Denver -based public company sued him for disparaging it online.

Clancy Systems International, Inc. secured a $50,000 default judgment against John P. Short - a Syracuse resident - I in Massachusetts, claiming that in 1999, he had posted false information about the company on an Internet stock board. The Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declined to take up Short's final appeal earlier this month.

Read Article Here

TAYD - Articles of Interest

Miyamoto Engineers Present Sichuan Findings to US Government & NGOs
Posted : Wed, 11 Jun 2008 17:46:05 GMT
Author : Miyamoto International

WASHINGTON, June 11 DC-Miyamoto-Sichuan

WASHINGTON, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Miyamoto International and Global Risk
Miyamoto engineers are set to arrive in Washington DC today to present their
findings on the M8.0 Sichuan Earthquake that hit the western Sichuan Province
in China on May 12, 2008. Kit Miyamoto and team will be available for
interviews in Washington DC on Thursday and Friday. Please contact him
directly to schedule. This team was the first, and so far only known, foreign
engineering team to reach the disaster area. This presentation will discuss
their findings of this disaster.

This strong earthquake particularly affected schools, hospitals,
residential buildings, and industries in the area and presents valuable risk
management lessons for not only China, but the whole world. The earthquake
damaged many unreinforced masonry and non-ductile concrete buildings. These
vulnerable buildings can be found not only in China but in many areas
throughout the world including Asia, North America, Eastern Europe, and South
America. However, the serious damage could have been avoided through seismic
risk management -- particularly the identification and rehabilitation of
dangerous buildings and the protection of nonstructural components.

Currently, there is a World Bank project in Istanbul to address this
serious issue for schools and hospitals. This type of project should be
implemented in China and worldwide to save lives and reduce poverty.

Read More Here

‘Seismic Design’ Experts Encourage Changes to ‘Earthquake Building Codes’ for Tall Buildings

More rigorous design approach encouraged by CTBUH after recently announcing that ‘codes of practice’ are inadequate
Dubai- 11th June 2008: "Most of the current building codes are inappropriate for tall buildings and their use will lead to inefficient and potentially unsafe construction," claimed an internationally acclaimed Seismic Design expert today.

Read More Here

Comments on Certain Stocks

TAYD/NTI/HEK - consolidating nicely at these levels
ESIC - nice action Wednesday in bad market
(Note that they report Monday morning June 16)
CSY - digesting the Tuesday move
AETI - needs some volume and news wouldnt hurt either
VSNT - EPS is awesome, not quite getting the action it deserves yet
HDSN - Next quarter earnings should move this stock
MBLX - presenting at conference today June 12

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ten Points of Caution

I like to follow

1) Do not chase stocks - if you miss your entry there will be other stocks to play

2) When you have profits, always take some off the table and manage the rest accordingly

3) Dont buy a stock just because you read a post on a message board

4) Treat everything you read with professional skepticism

5) Use stops, whether mental or real

6) Dont gamble or invest more than you are willing to suffer in a worse case scenario

7) Be responsible for your own trades and do own research

8) You can never go wrong or broke by taking some or all of profit

9) Longs and shorts both are biased

10) Greed kills - be conservative

Stock Bashers, Lies, and Videotapes

I am thinking of writing an exhaustive serious or book on stock bashers and shine a light on this side of the industry! All we ever hear about is longs getting called P&D'ers! Time to expose stock bashers as well, is it not? Let's give them equal air time :=)

Of course this is not meant towards anyone in particular , my groupie basher list is long and distinguished - they do however, seem to habitat alot in yahoo land :=)

According to my bashers:

(especially on anyday one of my long stocks happen to pullback after rising 10-100%)

EVERY single STOCK I call is:

1) a POS

2) insiders will dump

3) funds will sell

4) earnings will suck

5) mgmt is crooked

6) business sucks

7) margins will shrink

8) expenses will go up

9) they will do a PIPE and raise money

Am I missing anything????????????????

........YAWN.............Same Old Song and Dance.......

New Buy - ESIC - Not a DayTrade

Initial DD

Great Numbers and a Green Angle

ESIC - EasyLink Services International Corp
Approximately 25m shares outstanding & approximately 20m float (per Bloomberg)
Bloomberg Link

EasyLink Services International Corporation creates, deploys and manages business documents. The Company is a provider of e-commerce solutions to connect businesses with their trading communities.

.47 EPS estimate for a $3.20 stock
See Estimates Here

.10 EPS Last Quarter Report and Increased Guidance
Last Quarter Report

The Fax About Going Green
Thursday April 3, 4:35 am ET

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Everyone is going green. In the business world, rather than a band-aid for flagging corporate reputations, green business practices have become a legitimate wake-up call. More and more companies are attempting to enhance their corporate social responsibility ranking by providing sustainability reports, and developing ways to reduce their energy and paper consumption.

Nearly one thousand companies now publish sustainability reports—including about half of the S&P 100 corporations—up from zero just ten years ago. A powerful case study of big corporations finding environmental religion: retail giant Wal-Mart announced in 2005 that it would invest $500 million annually in energy saving technologies, reduce solid waste by 25% over the next three years, and urge sixty thousand suppliers to produce environmentally friendly goods.

“The practice of faxing remains a critical requirement for most businesses and one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emissions and paper usage is to eliminate paper and server-based faxing,” says Thomas J. Stallings, CEO of EasyLink, a global provider of business-to-business messaging services. Indeed, the environmental awareness agency Go Green Initiative estimates that for every ton of paper that is recycled, the following is saved: seven thousand gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, and enough electricity to power an average home for six months.

One way in which companies can deliver on the long-promised hope for a truly “paperless office” in simple and painless ways is by switching from hard-copy paper faxes to desktop and production electronic Internet faxing, and electronic data interchange (EDI), for the sending and receiving of purchase orders, shipment notices, invoices, remittance advices, and other confirmations.

Implementing EasyLink solutions, one Fortune 500 company reduced their Co2 emissions by ninety-six metric tons while saving time and money. Companies that utilize these services experience the positive effects of “going green” in every sense of the word—saving the equivalent of over 1,500 trees annually while slashing costs by up to $1.4 million.

“At the end of the day, POs, shipment notices, invoices, and the like, are pieces of information that need to be shared,” says Stallings. “It’s how you do the sharing that makes your company environmentally conscious or not.”

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big News out For NTI !!!

Project to produce oil from plastic wins B105m budget
Tuesday June 10, 2008


The Energy Conservation Fund will allocate 105 million baht to support tambon organisations producing crude oil from plastic waste, according to Kurujit Nakornthap, the ministry's deputy permanent secretary.

Pilot projects involving pyrolysis technology are now being carried out by local administrations in Rayong and Samut Prakan provinces for commercial viability. The projects are expected to start operation by the end of this year, Mr Kurujit added.

Initiated in Poland, pyrolysis technology is the process used to de-polymerise plastic waste by heat and deform the substance into crude oil.

Mr Kurujit said the budget would be used to finance a quarter of the total investment cost of the project worth no more than 30 million baht.

About 17% of the country's total 40,000 tonnes of waste per day are plastic waste.

So far, the Samut Prakan project has proved that the quality of crude oil produced from plastic waste was the same of those currently used by local oil refineries, said Mr Kurujit.

Local administrations looking for financial support from the government should have plastic waste of at least six tonnes per day or over 100,000 tonnes in landfills.

''The project will not only help eliminate a hundred thousand tonnes of plastic waste buried underground but also assist those coping with the sharp rise of global oil prices,'' he stated.

The long-delayed plastic-to-crude oil technology has become worthwhile in terms of investment and production cost as crude oil is now trading at above $130 a barrel, cited Mr Kurujit.

Those looking for financial support can apply until July 14 at the agency's website,

Here is the Article that shows this is NTI's subsidiary - Single Point Energy and Environment

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Project to make oil from plastic waste

Samut Prakan hopes to cash in on landfills


The Energy Ministry will launch a pilot project to process plastic waste into crude oil in Samut Prakan through a process called thermal depolymerisation (TDP).

If it is proven commercially viable, the project will be financed by the energy-conservation promotion fund or the Oil Fund and promoted through various provincial administration organisations, said Energy Minister Piyasvasti Amranand.

Samut Prakan was selected for the pilot project because the heavily industrialised province generates 1,800 tonnes per day of garbage, of which 30% is plastic waste that can be processed through TDP.

Earlier, the Energy Ministry and Single Point Energy and Environment Co launched a demonstration project to convert plastic waste into oil by applying pyrolysis technology from Poland.

The project successfully produced oil at the cost of 11.50 baht per litre compared with the current world oil price of 15 baht per litre or US$60-65 per barrel.

The project in Samut Prakan will be run by the Energy Ministry, Samut Prakan authorities and Single Point Energy and Environment.

About 65 million baht will be used to buy the technology and install machinery that can convert six tonnes per day of plastic waste into 4,500 litres or 28 barrels of oil. Thailand imports around 800,000 barrels of oil per day.

The private sector may later be invited to invest in the project if it is commercially viable.

About 10,000 tonnes of discarded plastic has been dumped in landfill sites in Samut Prakan, which are expected to be filled up within 10 years.

This has raised a concern because new sites can no longer be found for plastic-waste dumping.

Dr Piyasvasti said the project was part of the government's policy to promote the use of renewable energy from garbage which has posed a big problem in major cities.

Recently, the ministry promoted electricity production from garbage and the producers were able to sell electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand at twice the regular price per unit.

At present, three garbage-fuelled power plants operate in Samut Prakan, Rayong and Phuket with a combined capacity of five megawatts.

The Pollution Control Department estimated that the country generates 16.7 million tonnes per year of garbage, of which 2.5 million tonnes were plastic waste, excluding at least 20 million tonnes of garbage dumped in landfills.

Article Discussing Thai Project with NTI Subsidiary

My Last 22 Stock Ideas

I have compiled an analysis of my last 22 stock ideas from 4/7/2008 through today 6/10/2008. The purpose of this exercise was to see if the majority of my stock ideas produce winners. In doing this I started with the first date and price I bought the stock at, and measure the high price the stock made after that first buy and how many days it took to get there along with the % gain from my first buy to the high.

In mostly every trade I continue to buy after my first purchase, so my real average is usually higher than my first buy. Additionally, it is rare that I ever manage my profits to perfection and sell on the high. A good strategy that I try to apply on every trade is to take some shares off the table when I have profits, then let the rest of the shares run or use a mental stop to sell the rest. However, every stock is a case by case situation. Coming up with great stock ideas that move is challenging to do. However it is equally challenging to manage entries and exits correctly.

Again, this exercise was only to determine if my stock ideas produce movers,
and if so, how much. It is for my own tracking only.
First Buy
High From First Buy
How Long for High
% Gain at High
6/10/2008 CSY $14.00 $16.60 1 day 19%
6/5/2008 MBLX $11.75 $13.26 1 Day 13%
6/02/2008 AETI $6.42 $7.22 4 days 12%
5/29/2008 SERV $5.94 $6.40 1 day 8%
5/28/2008 HCCI $13.61 $15.55 1 day 14%
5/27/2008 NTI $8.75 $20.85 8 days 138%
5/27/2008 VSNT $30.10 $33.48 3 days 11%
5/22/2008 HEK $8.07 $10.20 10 days 26%
5/21/2008 SINO $11.36 $27.49 2 days 142%
5/21/2008 GBR $7.24 $14.16 2 days 96%
5/20/2008 TAYD $5.39 $7.69 7 days 43%
5/20/2008 AMEN $10.50 $11.45 1 day 9%
5/19/2008 CKX $14.51 $23.99 2 days 65%
5/16/2001 EWST $9.21 $11.50 5 days 25%
5/15/2008 SVT $17.00 $18.72 1 day 10%
5/09/2008 KNDI $4.89 $5.43 1 day 11%
5/6/2008 VIT $10.50 $13.98 8 days 33%
5/1/2008 UFPT $10.48 $14.63 11 days 40%
4/18/2008 PDO $4.47 $27.10 22 days 506%
4/11/2008 SNT $1.30 $1.95 11 days 50%
4/10/2008 WSCI $12.88 $17.64 11 days 37%
4/7/2008 UFPT $8.78 $11.86 15 days 35%

CSY up to $16

CSY - New stock highlighted as buy today is up to $16 from low $14 entry. See research posted earlier today.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NTI - Right Place Right Time

A few articles today explain why I feel that plastic and plastic waste is one of the next big crisis we will have to address globally. This leaves NTI, with their biodegradable plastic replacement and even more so their exciting Plastic Waste to Crude Oil technology, a potential big mover on this issue of growing concern.
This isssue is all over the news and gaining traction. I have posted just a few articles and will add them as they interest me. (By the way, the company said in the year end press release that they have placed the Plastic Waste to Oil Technology in India and Thailand). See my blog for more indepth research on NTI.


Polymer prices surge

New Delhi (PTI): Prices of petrochemical products like polymers and plastic vinyl have surged up to 20 per cent here in the last two weeks as crude oil continued to trade at record levels in the global market.

Polymers, a by-product of crude oil, recorded the biggest jump of 20 per cent in view of rising input cost, after the crude oil climbed to a record high of 139.12 dollar a barrel on geo-political tension in Iran and weak dollar against euro.

Prices of low density polymer shot up by Rs 19, or 20 per cent, to Rs 124 per kg from Rs 105 on May 26.

"Huge rise in polymer prices in just two weeks will lead to a increase in price of packaging plastic material and other plastic moulded items," said Bharat Bhushan, a wholesale trader here.

"Costlier imports due to weakening rupee against dollar too cast its shadow on the polymer prices," said Ashwani Sehgal of Champion Polymers.

Polypropylene polymer prices flared up to Rs 120 per kg from Rs 92 per kg in last week, a rise of about 20 per cent.

Read More Here

That's why the oil rally is bound to have a ripple effect across the broader economy as manufacturers grapple with a new crude calculus in their production process.

For many companies, the grappling has begun in earnest.

Proctor and Gamble, the paper says, is compacting its detergent products so they fit into smaller plastic containers (oil is a key component in making plastic).
Read More Here

Setting aside the entire foreign dependency for energy debate and the calls for going green, the U.S. economy and way of life is entirely fueled by the black gold. Oil is the basic building block for the plastic and synthetic materials that we resell, use and service on a daily basis.
Read More Here

super-trades alert - new buy - CSY - Big Numbers

CSY - China Sky Medical Inc. Website
Just to name a few products - Weight Loss Patch, Heart Attack Detection Patch, Pain Killer Patch, Future Cancer, Stem Cells, Stem Cell Cord Bank
Recently Moved To Amex from OTCBB
Read More Here
Approximately 15m shares outstanding and 6m share float (per bloomberg)Bloomberg Link
The Numbers:
For the year ended 12/2007:
Revenues increased to approximately $49m from $20million
Net Income increased to approximately $15m from $624k
EPS increased to $1.15 from $.05 (based on approximately 13.4m shares outstanding)
Read More Here
For the first quarter ended 3/2008:

Total revenues increased 140% year to year to $12.4 million
Gross profit increased 136% in 2008 to $9.6 million
Gross margin remained stable at 77%
Operating income increased 154% to $4.9 million
Operating margin improved to 39% from 37% a year ago
Net income increased to $3.9 million, or $0.26 per diluted share (based on approximately 14.9m shares outstanding), up from $1.5 million, or $0.12 per diluted share in 2007
Read More here

There is an analyst who has a $24 price target and is forecasting $1.58 EPS for this year on $83m of revenues and $2.48 EPS for next year on $132m of revenue.
Read More here

Business Outlook Comment from CEO:
Business Outlook

“Thus far in 2008, we have completed two acquisitions, including one which will enhance our product portfolio and pipeline of new drugs and another which will allow us to quickly expand sales of our medicinal products. In 2008, we expect strong growth in all of our product categories, with sales of bio-chemical products and our highly successful Slim Patch making the largest contributions,” said Mr. Liu. “For the full year 2008, and as a result of our recent acquisitions, we are currently on track to increase revenues materially as compared to last year and hope to increase our gross margin to approximately 78.5%.”
Read More here

What They Do:

China Sky One Medical, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of over-the-counter nutritional and medicinal products in the People's Republic of China. It offers cosmetics, medical devices, and external use medicinal or pharmaceutical external use products in various forms, including sprays, ointments and creams, powders, and patches. The company's products include sumei slim patch, pain killer patch, anti-hypertension patch, dysmenorrheal patch, yin ke psoriasis spray, wart removing spray, chilblain ointment, hemorrhoids ointment, tinea pedis spray and ointment, dermatitis spray, dandruff treatment herbal shampoo, and runze eye drop. China Sky One Medical also provides a range of products made from Chinese herbs and plants, including a leukoderma ointment, rheumatism spray, coryza powder, hircus removing spray, gonorrheal cleaning spray, snoring retardant, deodorants, diet tea, cough arresting patch, and pharyngitis spray. In addition, the company sells medicinal and pharmaceutical products in the PRC. It sells its products through pharmaceutical chain stores. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Harbin, the People's Republic of China.
Key Statistics

Product Line

We manufacture over thirty-eight (38) branded products, which management believes enables us to maintain better control over product quality and availability while also reducing production costs. We also sell a total of eight (8) products manufactured by other firms (See “Other Products,” below). Our manufacturing operations are conducted in our indirect subsidiaries’ facilities located in Harbin City, China. Additionally, we maintain a working relationship with a number of outside manufacturers, including softgel manufacturers and packagers, and utilize these outside sources from tim e to time.

We sell our products under three basic categories: cosmetics (4 items); medical devices (4 items); and external use medicinal or pharmaceutical external use products (over 22 items). We sell these products in four main different forms, including, without limitation, sprays, ointments and creams, powders, a nd patches. A description of our main product lines follows.

Sumei Slim Patch

The Sumei Slim Patch is marketed and sold in the PRC as a more natural way to lose weight. The Sumei Slim Patch uses Saponin, believed to regulate and restrain the excessive secretion of certain hormones, while promoting others. The Sumei Slim Patch is also believed to foster weight loss and prevent weight gain.

Pain Killer Patch

A pain killer patch applied to the neck, shoulder and waist, this product is a treatment to fend off fever, promote well-being and to relieve diarrhea. The patch is used for a number of ailments, including fever, headache, dysentery of a heat type, diarrhea and stiffness and pain in the neck caused by hypertension.

Anti-Hypertension Patch

The anti-hypertension patch is based on five thousand years of Chinese herbal vein therapy that has been adapted to a modern trans-dermal therapeutic system (TTS). The product utilizes a Body-Yong-Guan point technique, which is believed to maximize the effectiveness of the medicinal ingredients. The product is believed to stimulate blood capillaries and is believed to be effective in improving circulation and in reducing blood pressure.

Dysmenorrheal Patch

This is a soft patch, applied externally, for pain relief from dysmenorrheal (menstrual cramps) that combines traditional Chinese point therapy and modern trans-dermal technology. This product contains a pure herb formula selected from rare Chinese herbs or plants which is refined to extract the effective ingredients. This product is believed to be effective in regulating microcirculation, in balancing the functions of the human body and in enhancing the immunity response of women. It is believed to be effective in treating the dysmenorrheal (cramping) in a woman’s critical days, and in regulating pain and catamenia (menstruation period).

Yin Ke Psoriasis Spray

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is difficult to treat. Our research scientists have focused their efforts in finding treatments for this disease. Yin Ke Psoriasis Spray is a spray that contains Chinese herbal ingredients that are believed to be effective in killing pathogenic ringworms inside or under the skin, causing scale-like skin to fall off, and allowing healthy skin to grow.

Wart Removing Spray

This product has been developed to eliminate the viruses in a tumors or warts. The product is effective in removing warts, through a strong permeation and sterilization process. The product is a highly concentrated washing liquid that is applied topically to the affected area.

Chilblain Ointment

This product contains Rhizoma Paridis, Rhizoina Bletilae and Camphor, and is refined from Chinese herbal materials. It is believed to be effective in improving blood circulation, and in eliminating various symptoms of Chilblain (a cold injury that appears as an inflamed swelling on the extremities), including itching and swelling.

Hemorrhoids Ointment

This product contains Acetate, Radix notoginseng, and Rhizoma coptidis. The product is made in a soft ointment that is effective in sterilizing and relieving hemorrhoid symptoms, including itching, distending pain, burning, and bleeding.

Tinea Pedis Spray, Ointment and Powder

This product contains Cortex Pseudolaricis and Cortex Phellodendri, and is a treatment for killing various pathogens on the skin surface and subcutaneously, such as mycete (a fungus), trichopytic, staphylococcal bacteria aureus, bacillus coli, and candida albicans (thrush).

Dermatitis Spray

This product is effective in sterilization and in relieving itching in various kinds of skin pruritis (intense itching condition) caused by eczema, urticaria (hives), seborrheic dermatitis (flaking of skin, dandruff), herpes zoster (shingles), neurodermitis and allergic dermatitis.

Dandruff Treatment Herbal Shampoo

This product has been specifically designed to treat dandruff, and is not intended for use as an ordinary shampoo. The product is believed to be effective in killing fungi and providing nutrition to pallium cells.

Runze Eye Drop

This product is refined from active ingredients extracted from natural herbs or plants, and functions as a protection from infection, tiredness of optic nerves and myopia.

Testing Kits Approved and Brought to Market in 2007

Cardiac Arrest Early Examination Kit

This product is used for early stage diagnosis of myocardial infarction (heart attacks). We completed SFDA clinical testing of the Cardiac Arrest Early Examination Kit and began sales of this product in 2007. This kit is patented in PRC.

Kidney Disease Testing Kit

The Urinate Micro Albumin Examination Testing Kit is used in connection with early stage diagnosis for primary kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. We completed SFDA clinical testing for the Urinate Micro Albumin Examination Testing Kit and commenced sales of this product in 2007. This kit is patented in PRC.

Other Products

TDR offers a number of additional products made from Chinese herbs and plants, including a leukoderma ointment, rheumatism spray, Coryza powder, Hircus removing spray, gonorrheal cleaning spray, a snoring retardant, deodorants, diet tea, cough arresting patch, pharyngitis spray, and others.

Historically we have sold only products that we manufactured. However, during the 2007 fiscal year, we began an initiative to sell medicinal products manufactured by other companies under exclusive sales and marketing arrangements. Set forth in the table below is information concerning these products and the intended treatment applications.

Products In Development:

We currently have various biological products under development at various stages of clinical testing and development. The development of some of these prod ucts are expected to be completed as early as 2008 or beyond for other products. A summary of each of these products is set forth in the table below.

Testing Kits Name

Clinical Experiment and Status

Application Area

Patent or
Intellectual Property (IP)
AIDS Early Examination Kit

Completed clinical testing; application for manufacturing certificate submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for AIDS

Method of Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Carcinoma Cervix Early Examination Kit

Research completed and application for manufacturing certificate submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for Carcinoma Cervix

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Breast Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; and application for production permit submitted.

Early stage diagnosis for Breast Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.
Liver Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Liver Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Rectal Cancer Early Examination Kit

Research on product formula completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Rectal Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Stomach Cancer Early Examination Kit

Product research completed; clinical experiment in process.

Early stage diagnosis for Stomach Cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

Multi-tumor Marker Protein Chip Assay Kit

Product research in process.

Early stage diagnosis for multiple cancers.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

New Endostatin

Toxicology test, teratogenicity test and quality standard completed; product research in process.

Early stage diagnosis for cancer.

Anti-body preparation is our IP.

New Products

We are currently conducting toxicology experiments, quality standard measurement and other experimentation for our products under development. It is estimated that the experimental time takes about another seven to eight months for each product. We also hope to commence with clinical testing of 8 testing kit products in 2008 for: Uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovulatory cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and neisseria gonorrhea. We cannot predict whether, and when, these efforts will be successful, or the likelihood and/or timing of receiving SFDA approval of each product.

Research and Development for Endothelin-1

One of our various products under development is Endothelin-1. As of the date of this Annual Report, we have completed oxicology and teratogenicity testing, and have established quality standards, and further developments are underway to improve the product quality of Endothelin-1. In collaboration with Harbin Medical University, we have completed a laboratory experimental study pertaining to Endothelin-1, which is required prior to clinical trials, and is currently applying for approval to enter clinical experiments. At such time as development and clinical testing is successfully completed, we will commence efforts to market Endothelin-1 in the PRC and where legal, as a new anti-cancer medicine. There can be no assurance, of course, that these development efforts, or that any subsequent efforts to obtain SFDA approval (or other foreign drug regulatory authority approval where we may wish to market this drug) of the product, will be successful. We hope to develop Endothelin-1 as a cancer treatment drug that works by “starving” cancer cells by restricting the generation of blood vessels around cancer lesions, thereby inhibiting, to a degree, the source of nutrients upon which the cancer cells survive. Endothelin-1 has been recognized by the PRC medical industry as a “Top Category in New Medicine.” In order to qualify as the “Top Category in New Medicine,” a company must have intellectual property rights, high technology involvement, strong innovation, and the medicine must be the first of its kind to be introduced to the PRC. TDR has ownership of the intellectual property rights pertaining to this technology, and has obtained an invention patent in China for Endothelin-1. We expect that research and development and testing will be completed for manufacturing in 2009. To date we have expensed over approximately $2,278,047 (15,690,000 RMB) (unaudited) on research and development for Endothelin-1.

Research and Development for Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank

In 2006, we began implementing a plan to establish a cord blood stem cell bank in the PRC, for the treatment of various diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma and rebirth anemia. We are now in the process of perfecting our cultivation methods and freezing/storage of stem cells. It is expected that these efforts will continue over the next two years or more in particular in the research and development of technology, applications and methodology for the establishment of a cord blood stem cell bank. We have recently organized Harbin Tian Qing Biotech Application Company (referred to herein as “Harbin Biotech”) as a wholly-owned subsidiary, to conduct research and development in the areas of tissue and stem cell banks. This project will involve substantial expense and involve numerous risks. We entered into a development agreement with the Heilongjiang Provincial Red Cross out-patient department for purposes of defraying the costs of developing and marketing this product and are seeking additional R&D partners with laboratories having substantial experience in this area for this purpose as well.

Exclusive Regional License for Stem Cell Research

Research in biotechnology areas such as tissue and stem cell banks has historically been controlled tightly by the government of the PRC. Recently, however, the PRC government has altered its policies to allow one company per each geographic area in China to become actively engaged in research in these areas, with the result that many companies have applied to become engaged in this area of research and development, including the Company.

In August, 2006, we applied with the Ministry of Health of the PRC to become engaged in the research and development of stem cell and tissue banks and related biotechnology areas. Following an extensive review by the applicable local office of the Health Department of Heilongjiang Province, our application was approved on October 16, 2006, granting us, through our subsidiary, the exclusive right and license to become engaged in tissue and stem cell bank activities in the Heilongjiang Province of the PRC, through December 2010 and currently intend to renew this license from time to time as necessary. The Company organized Harbin Biotech to conduct these business operations, as required by Heilongjiang Province. Cord blood stem cells have been shown to be effective in treating a number of diseases, including but not limited to: (a) various forms of blood diseases, including Mediterranean anemia, Dresbach’s anemia, hypoplastic anemia, inborn cell deficiency, Evan’s syndrome, Fanconi’s anemia, Kostmann’s syndrome, and Blackfan-Diamond’s anemia; (b) various malignant diseases, including encephaloma, lymphoma, acute and chronic leukemia, Ewing myoma, Neuoblastoma, germ cell tumor, and multiple myeloma; (c) metabolism defects, including congenital dyskeratosis, Gunter’s disease, and Lesch-Nyhan’s disease; (d) immunodeficiency disease, including chronic granuloma disease and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome; and (e) various auto-immune diseases.

Our Stem Cell Research

There are numerous advantages of cord blood stem cell banks over traditional marrow transplants, including: a high success rate; low rejection rate; rich source of cord blood; absence of suffering of recipient; simple inspection and quick application; and low matching requirements. While we are not aware of a method to calculate the size of the stem cell market, management believes that the market for this business in PRC and elsewhere is potentially very large. The entry into this business will require strict examination and approval by PRC and local governmental agencies and will require close collaboration with medical institutions and academies.

Blood from umbilical cords—a byproduct of normal childbirth—is a good source of potentially life-saving stem cells, called Hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs), the type of stem cells also found in bone marrow and mobilized peripheral blood that give rise to various kinds of blood cells. Transplants of these stem cells have been effective in treating diseases of the blood and immune system, such as anemia and leukemia. Consequently, in many parts of the world, cord blood, once seen as a waste to be discarded after a birth, is now viewed as a valuable resource.

Over the past decade, several public and private cord blood banks have been established in other parts of the world to provide for the collection and preservation of these cells. The PRC is now making these activities available to a limited number of private enterprises in different parts of the PRC, including the Heilongjiang Province where the Company conducts its principal operations. As indicated, our Harbin Biotech subsidiary will have the exclusive right and license to establish a research and development business in this area in northeast China through 2010.

Typically, public cord blood banks collect and store umbilical cord blood donated by women at the birth of a child. This blood is preserved and stored and made available for a significant fee to anyone who needs it in the future. The children of the donor may, in turn, be able to use the stored stem cells to fight various diseases, immune deficiencies and genetic disorders. Storing the stem cells will come at a cost to the donor, consisting of a sizable initial fee and an annual maintenance fee for each year of storage.

Through Harbin Biotech , we are in the process of implementing a plan to establish a cord stem cell and tissue bank at our newly established facility outside Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, PRC, which is expected to be completed in 2008 or 2009. Management estimates that the total expected project costs to complete the project will be US $30 million.

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